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3 rugged tablet of Emdoor Information are the first to pass the GMS certification of Google Android 10.0

Emdoor info's 8-inch rugged tablet EM-Q86 and 10-inch industrial tablet computer EM-Q15P and EM-Q16 have successfully passed Google's GMS (Google Mobile Services) certification. This GMS certification is based on Android version 10.0 and The EEA version (European version) covers 31 countries and regions and fully assists customers in exploring international markets such as Europe.

Up to now, Emdoor Information has already passed Google GMS certification for a number of rugged smart devices.

Emdoor Information is an ODM and rugged computer manufacturer, and the rugged smart products are all neutral. The GMS certification information officially collected by Google above is the neutral brand and model of Emdoor Information. Among them, the neutral model RD86QE corresponds to EM-Q86, RD15PQE corresponds to EM-Q15P, and the RD16QE corresponds to EM-Q16.

Emdoor Rugged Tablets Get GMS Certification

Although these three rugged tablets are designed based on ARM's solutions, they all have their own advantages.

Hardshell: 8 Inch Rugged Tablet EM-Q86

The EM-Q86 rugged windows tablet pc is based on a ARM octa-core processor chip, with a maximum frequency of 2.0GHz and an IP protection level of up to IP67. It can effectively deal with harsh environments such as outdoor rain and snow or sand and dust, and it meets the US military standard MIL- STD-810G test standard, anti-vibration, anti-fall, anti-impact, it is not an exaggeration to compare it to a warrior who "puts on the coat of Iron Man", the hard body will resist all attacks for you.


Emdoor industrial tablet pc EM-Q86

Strong performer: 10 Inch Rugged Tablet EM-Q15P

The rugged tablet EM-Q15P is based on a ARM octa-core processor chip, with a maximum frequency of 2.2GHz, and is equipped with an Android 10.0 operating system. In addition to its obvious advantages in CPU and OS, its screen performance, Bluetooth transmission, positioning and navigation, etc. The ruggedized android tablet is also better in terms of achieving a 1920×1200 full HD LCD display, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission and dual-mode GNSS module positioning and navigation, a small body and a lot of energy.


Emdoor industrial ruggedized android tablet EM-Q15P

All-rounder: 10.1 inch Android Rugged Tablet EM-Q16

The industrial tablet EM-Q16 is based on a ARM octa-core processor chip, with a maximum frequency of 2.0GHz. It is equipped with NFC wireless transmission function as standard, optional 1D/2D scanning module, and also supports fingerprint module and ID card. Modules, UHF UHF modules, IC card modules and other special modules are restructured to meet your various needs and make your work more efficient and convenient. It can be described as a "multi-faceted expert" in the three-defence world.


Emdoor industrial rugged tablet  EM-Q16

In the future, Emdoor Information will continue to increase R&D investment in three-proof smart terminals, continue to expand and improve the Google GMS certification scope of three-proof smart terminals, and provide various industries with high-quality, advanced technology, stable and consistent three-proof smart terminal products, To make everything smarter, simpler and more efficient.

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