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The Application of Rugged Tablet in Field Surveying and Mapping and Military and National Defense

Unlike commercial tablets, rugged tablets pay more attention to the tolerance of the external environment and more efficient and reliable computing performance. Although it is difficult for us to truly experience the intuitive feeling that rugged tablets bring us, in real life they play a huge role behind the scenes every day, and they are the "weapon" for special industries. Next, let's talk about the application of rugged tablets in field surveying and mapping and military defense.

1. The application of rugged tablets in field surveying and mapping

With the rapid development of computers, ground measurement instruments, digital mapping software applications and digital mapping has gradually replaced traditional manual measurement methods and has become the mainstream model of surveying and mapping production, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, land management and other surveying and mapping businesses.

The hard and harsh operating environment of the exploration industry determines that the information management platform should have four requirements: easy installation in different environments, PC-based internal SAP system and company integrated network. The equipment must be sturdy, durable, waterproof and shockproof; the whole machine can work in a wide temperature range, and the working temperature is -20~50℃; the interface is rich which can realize the real-time collection of running status and the reliable data transmission.

Therefore, rugged tablets are used here as a suitable device. In the process of outdoor work surveying, the rugged tablet PC can be corrected at any time, which effectively prevents other problems that cannot be avoided in manual surveying and mapping work such as measuring errors, missed tests, retesting, and rework.

2. The application of rugged tablets in military and national defense

Since the advent of tablet computers, rugged tablet technology and applications have been highly valued by the military, government, and all walks of life. At present, rugged tablet technology and applications have become an important topic in the defense industry.

The application is aim to apply advanced reinforcement technology, equipment and products in the modernization of the country and the military and it also provides a communication platform for units engaged in the development and application of reinforcement tablet computer technology.

At present, the national defense field is still a large-scale application field with stable demand for rugged tablets, but emerging markets in other industries have also put forward a huge demand for it. And this requires rugged tablet manufacturers to have a higher level of production. The research and development of military computers and the level of equipment application is an important measure of a country's national defense modernization and military strength.

The above is the application of rugged tablets in field surveying and mapping and military defense. Emdoor is a designer and manufacturer of rugged handheld devices, tablets, laptops, PCs and on-board computers, as well as supplier of customized hardware and software solutions. Emdoor is one of the largest and most experienced rugged computing system suppliers in China, and is the ODM and OEM partner of many Tier 1 companies. If any demand, please consult us.

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