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What Are the Advantages and Applications of Ruggedized Tablets?

Nowadays, the rugged tablet PC is used more and more widely. The rugged tablet PC is a compact computer specially designed for the industrial site. It is an enhanced industrial computer. The rugged tablet PC can run in the industrial environment as an industrial controller.

Standard embedded ruggedized tablet PC includes industrial box computer, fanless industrial PC, etc. The embedded rugged tablet is increasingly widely used in industrial computers because of its reliable performance, fan-free structure, small volume, and low price. Moreover, especially in recent years, with embedded technology development, embedded ruggedized tablets are also developing rapidly. Therefore, it is quickly applied to various fields and occupies a more critical position.

I. Performance requirements for rugged tablets

The rugged tablet has perfect performance and has the performance of standard commercial computers in the market. The difference lies in the internal hardware. Most of the product choices for the industry are industrial motherboards. The difference between it and commercial motherboards lies in non-mass production, and the product model is relatively stable.

It can also be seen that the price of industrial motherboards is also higher than that of a commercial motherboard. In addition, it is RISC architecture. The industrial requirements are also relatively simple, and the performance requirements are not high, but the stability is excellent.

II. Advantages of embedded rugged tablet PC in product performance

1. The reliability requirements are high. On the basis that the electrical functions meet the reliability design, the reliability design contents such as heat dissipation design, electromagnetic compatibility design, dust-proof and waterproof design, anti-vibration design, and so on should be carefully considered.

2. Ultra low power fanless design is the mainstream. Due to the miniaturization of the device, the heat dissipation capacity is limited, and the requirement of MTBF (mean time between failures) of the embedded system is also very high. Therefore, Fanless design becomes necessary for ultra-low power consumption, especially in unattended applications.

3. The miniaturization of the device is one of the main manifestations, which is reflected in the compact design. However, there is no standard for structural design, so the reasonable utilization of external interface and installation space should be fully considered.

4. The function adaptability of the rugged tablet is good, which almost wholly matches the function of the tested, controlled object. It has certain expansibility but does not take expansion as the primary purpose, so the product has high-cost performance.

Rugged tablet PC is used in many fields, such as power industry, mobile, petroleum, petrochemical industry, government supervision industry, pharmaceutical management industry, environmental protection supervision industry, logistics industry, smart home industry, etc. The product performance of a rugged tablet PC also brings advantages to its use. If you are interested in buying, please get in touch with us, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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