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What Makes an Industrial Tablet So Rugged?

A truly rugged tablet is rugged from the inside out, and to choose and use every component and material is to carry these devices into harsh environments. They must be able to handle these environments and continue to operate normally. Sand, dust, rain, ice, snow, heat and cold are all things that can damage consumer tablets, but rugged tablet pc can handle it easily.

1. The degree of protection (IP) of the industrial tablet

Another hallmark of a rugged tablet pc is the IP rating. In order to be classified as rugged, most tablets must have a rating of at least IP54. To be honest, this is not enough for most environments where rugged equipment will be used.

The IP65 rating is desirable. The protection level is IP65, which can completely seal the rugged industrial tablet to prevent dust from entering and can withstand water jets for 15 minutes or more.

2. Industrial tablet PC supports a wide range of operating temperature

Another advantage of a rugged tablet PC is its ability to be installed anywhere. Although consumer tablets can be installed, in some cases they cannot afford it.

A common situation where ordinary tablets cannot keep up is on a forklift. Forklifts vibrate and often risk extreme conditions. From a freezer with a temperature of -30°C to an outdoor temperature of 40°C, ordinary tablet computers may be quickly destroyed and cannot cope with such drastic temperature fluctuations.

3. Long service life of the industrial tablet

The rugged tablet pc uses a high-end component design, so it can continue to maintain productivity for a longer period of time. They will be regularly updated and maintained for five years or more. This will further increase its value as a tool.

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