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The Use of Industrial Tablet in Aerospace

Computers play a vital role in the aerospace field. Due to various complexity and harsh conditions, standard PC systems cannot be used at all. The industrial tablet can meet the needs, not only can handle the computing needs of the work, but also meet the physical requirements often put forward in the aerospace field, so it is a better solution.

1. Industrial tablet makes aircraft maintenance fast

Aircraft maintenance is a continuous process: for obvious reasons, it is continuous, always present and important. Maintenance personnel usually have to rely on mobile computers to complete their work. In addition, because bumps and vibrations often occur around airports and aeroplanes, the rugged tablet computer is necessary.

The rugged tablet is usually lightweight and has ergonomic handles, allowing maintenance teams to easily carry and use them with one hand. In addition, the rugged tablet computer can keep running even if it is dropped, and there is no need to worry about unexpected vibrations when performing work.

2. Industrial tablet replaces paper manuals

The tablet in the cockpit can also be applied to simple problems. For example, consider a situation where technical manuals need to be carried on all flights. These include pre-flight checklists, aircraft operation manuals, logs, navigation maps, and even airport maps. A paper flight manual may increase the weight by 40 pounds.

Industrial tablet in the cockpit is used to replace these manuals immediately while ensuring that the information is always available and accessible. The weight of an industrial tablet is much lighter than all these manuals. These are called electronic flight bags or EFBs. Rugged tablet computers can replace older and heavier devices. Not only do large commercial airliners need to enjoy these services, but aircraft of any size can also be switched to improve efficiency.

3. Industrial tablet is more sturdy and durable

The industrial grade tablet is usually very small and requires little space. However, it can provide processing power and can withstand the turbulence of take-off, landing and turbulence, as well as the extreme temperatures that accompany most types of flight. The industrial tablets can also be customized to include traditional ports, allowing multiple devices to be connected to and controlled by one computer.

This means reduced weight, reduced maintenance requirements, and fewer computers that need to be connected and synchronized, all of which have a rugged and durable design that can work in a less friendly environment.

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