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What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention to when Choosing a Suitable Industrial Tablet PC?

Nowadays, industrial tablet PCs have become more and more popular in various fields, bringing great convenience to both industry and commerce. Different environments have different requirements for industrial tablet PCs. The harsh industrial environment has higher requirements for waterproof, dustproof, pressure resistance and stable performance. There are many types of industrial panel computers on the market, and it is important to choose the right industrial panel computer. So, what aspects do we need to consider?

1. Clarify the display area size of industrial tablet PCs

The mainstream product sizes range from 7 inches to 20 inches.

2. Select the touch screen type for industrial tablet PCs

The resistive touch screen adopts pressure-sensitive touch, and it is necessary to gently press the surface resistive film to form the mouse positioning. Advantages: prevent misoperation, anti-interference, simple and easy to use.

The capacitive touch screen is the same as the touch of a mobile phone or IPAD. Advantages: precise touch positioning, multi-point touch.

3. According to the software or data processing capacity that the industrial tablet needs to run, select the applicable CPU, clarify the size and capacity of the memory hard disk, and select the communication interface (network port, serial port, USB port, GPIO port, etc.).

4. The rest of the industrial tablet PC's additional such as audio ports, wireless network cards, wireless communication modules, etc.

5. What operating system is pre-installed on the industrial tablet PC system, such as WIN7 32-bit 64-bit WIN10 (determined according to the client software or software development and operating environment).

6. The brightness and viewing angle of the LCD screen of the rugged tablet PC are generally 250-500 brightness indoors and 800-1300 brightness outdoors. When a wide viewing angle is required, the viewing angle needs to be clear.

7. The working temperature of industrial tablet PCs is generally -20-60. If you need to work at a wider temperature, you need to clarify the operating environment.

Choosing a suitable industrial tablet PC requires comprehensive consideration from the aspects of screen size, touch screen type, screen brightness, working temperature, hard disk size, and system pre-installation. industrial tablet PCs are mainly used in complex and harsh operating environments, and the equipment itself is required to have a good three-proof function, which is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. It can meet the demanding environment of various industries and is equipped with hand straps, which is convenient to carry and use.

Established in 2002, Emdoor is a designer and manufacturer of rugged handheld devices, tablets, laptops, PCs, and in-vehicle computers, as well as a provider of customized hardware and software solutions. Emdoor is one of the largest and most experienced rugged tablet manufacturers in China and is the ODM and OEM partner of many Tier 1 companies.

Emdoor is good at providing efficient industrial solutions in the fields of warehousing and logistics, industrial automation, healthcare, petroleum exploration, outdoor surveying and mapping, automobile inspection, road law enforcement, education, border patrol, retail services, self-service terminals, machine vision, smart home, smart transportation, etc. If necessary, please consult.

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