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Which industries are rugged handheld terminals of Emdoor information mainly used in?

There are many rugged handheld terminals on the market, so in which industries are rugged handheld terminals widely used? Before understanding the application industry, we must first know the functions of the rugged mini pc. Rugged mobile computers can meet the needs of data collection, information processing, information query, etc., and realize the integrated management of information. By using the rugged handheld pc to scan the bar code, the data can be accurately recorded, which reduces errors and improves efficiency. Say goodbye to manual data recording and realize enterprise informatization and paperless operations. Emdoor information will introduce you in detail. Next, Emdoor Information will give you a detailed introduction to the industrial applications of the rugged handheld computer.

Shoes and apparel industry: Rugged mini PC can realize inventory and in-out management of shoe and clothing store warehouses. Data collection is carried out by collecting1D/2D barcodes of commodities and wirelessly transmits them to the server for data collection and processing, which greatly improves work efficiency.

logistics industry: Rugged mobile computers have gradually become a powerful assistant in the logistics industry. Logistics companies use rugged mini pc for warehouse management, transportation management, and implementation tracking of items. In the express delivery field, it is mainly used to send and receive parcels and express real-name authentication.


Retail industry: Supermarket stores use rugged handheld terminals, such as Rugged Handheld Windows, to realize store management, warehouse distribution, and product inventory functions. Use with RFID read-write engine to achieve faster-reading speed and greater throughput, which doubles work efficiency. With the help of rugged portable computers, retail stores can perform price inquiries and modifications, inventory, and shopping guides, which helps stores improve work efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry: Retail pharmacies and drug wholesale companies can use rugged mini pc to inventory drugs and manage warehouse entry and exit. The use of the rugged mobile computers in the hospital can realize mobile nursing, perform doctor rounds, patient monitoring, pharmacist dispensing and distribution, and file medical record management, etc., which greatly improves work efficiency.


Manufacturing Industry: As the core tool of mobile information processing, the rugged portable computer, like Rugged Handheld Android, carries the collection and real-time check and inquiry of accessories, commodities, and other information. It can be used for production piece-rate management and production warehouse management in the factory. And It can also be used to read special DPM codes in automobile manufacturing and other fields.

Financial sector: The rugged mobile computers provides a mobile information method for the financial banknote distribution application, which greatly improves the safety and work efficiency of the banknote distribution center. The use of dynamic password locks does not require a dedicated person to keep the password. The employee can apply to the headquarters of the rugged computer manufacturer to obtain the password in real-time through the 4g network, and the password is valid once. Reduce the risk of manual custody of passwords. Through real-time collection and transmission of data at each step of the banknote distribution (time, operator, operation object, etc.), the process can be refined management, and the accident can be traced in time.

The above is the relevant information about the rugged mini pc application industry. If you want to know more about rugged mobile computers, you can pay more attention to the official website of Emdoor Information. Emdoor Information is a professional rugged mobile computer R&D and production enterprise. Its industrial rugged mini PC integrates multiple functions such as data terminals, scanners, and imagers, and fully supports 1D/2D barcode scanning, RFID tag reading, etc. Data collection method. IP67 high industrial protection level, built-in multi-mode wireless network, data communication, and advanced data collection functions. Widely used in footwear, retail, logistics, medical, manufacturing, energy, finance, and other industries.

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