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Emdoor Information Seaside Team Building in 2021

Keep the Aspiration & Insist Emdoor Mind


From April 17th to 18th, 2021, all employees of Emdoor Information held a team building activity at the seaside of Huizhou. The joining of a large number of new employees made the team stronger, and at the same time added new strength to the company. This team building activity includes a series of multi-person team projects, such as fun sports games, picnic barbecues, etc. It is rich in fun and can also enhance teamwork and overall centripetal force. It is an effective way to establish corporate culture and atmosphere. There are also a series of scenic spots and entertainment projects that allow employees to relax, broaden their horizons, and purify their hearts, so as to meet greater challenges and meet a better future.

Original ecology experience


On the morning of April 17, the team set off from Shenzhen and arrived at a large farmhouse picnic base after a two-hour drive. Ten people are a small team, and everyone cooperates with each other to make lunch. This traditional cooking method makes everyone feel like they have gone back to the past. As a fast-growing company, all employees of Emdoor Information need to keep their original aspirations forever and stick to the essence on the way forward. So that companies can grow better and more lastingly.

Forging ahead in unity


In the afternoon, all employees of Emdoor Information came to the beach for a fun sports meeting. Divide everyone into four teams, namely the challenge team, the Wolves team, the super team and the elite team. A total of five competitions.

Each team fights for strength, fights for speed, fights for teamwork. After fierce competition, the Wolves team , Elite Team and Challenge Team won won the top three results. The Games not only stimulated communication and collaboration between teams, but also increased the sense of honor of the team. Emdoor Information is a big collective, and the strength of unity will make us fly higher, farther and faster.

Night beach Campfire


As the night darkened, the bonfire symbolizing reunion was lit, and all employees of Emdoor Information held hands and danced around the blazing bonfire.Everyone is not only a colleague but also a friend, we get along day and night, unite as one, cherish enthusiasm, and shine in different positions. In the future, we will create success and grow together with the company.



On April 18th, all employees of Emdoor Information went to visit the famous local scenic spots. The beautiful scenery on the top of the mountain soothes everyone's tired heart from climbing.

The turbulent waves are like the current industry environment, where opportunities and risks coexist. Only by looking at the overall situation and following all the ideas and guidelines starting from the enterprise as a whole can we stay on the top.


The two-day team building activity has come to a successful conclusion. The road ahead is still long. Let’s go forward with our dreams and face to the challenge in 2021!

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