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Application of LF RFID technology in Emdoor rugged tablet

Technical background

Low-frequency RFID technology is one the RFID technology, with a typical working frequency of 125KHz, which includes low-frequency RFID readers and low-frequency RFID tags. The characteristic is that it can penetrate any object (except metal) to identify, the distance is stable, there is an obvious sensing range limit, and generally within 5 cm, when reading tag data, it can only be read one to one, suitable for low-end technical fields Range and low-speed, short-distance recognition applications.


Although the low-frequency RFID technology transmits data relatively slowly, the tag stores fewer data and the reading distance is shorter. But its low-cost, energy-saving and long-life characteristics have irreplaceable absolute advantages in the fields of production management, automatic parking lot management, vehicle management, scientific and standardized reproduction, wildlife tracking and protection, and mine personnel management. And low-frequency RFID tags can work in a variety of harsh environments, and are less affected by temperature, humidity, and obstacles. Emdoor uses low-frequency RFID readers to apply low-frequency RFID technology to rugged tablet terminals, which facilitates the connection of industrial tablets like rugged windows tablet and low-frequency RFID tags, allowing the ruggedized tablet to easily implement more scenarios.


In production management applications, the rugged tablet terminal with low-frequency RFID technology can realize the identification of factory station tags and the authentication of factory inspection and identity. Meanwhile, during the production process of the entire factory, you can receive work order reminders in real-time through the three-proof tablet terminal and view the production progress, so as to realize fully intelligent monitoring of the production process and improve the accuracy and efficiency of worker management and production management.

In scientific and standardized breeding applications, low-frequency RFID technology can be applied to animal identification, and the appearance of low-frequency RFID tags applied to animal identification includes collar type, ear tag type, injection type, pill type, etc. Accurate management of animals can be carried out through the rugged industrial tablet pc with low-frequency RFID technology. In addition, low-frequency RFID tags can also be integrated with temperature sensors to monitor the animal's body temperature and health status in real-time.

In the application of mine personnel management,  rugged tablet terminals using low-frequency RFID technology can be installed at the intersection of mine roadways, wellheads and coal mining faces. By identifying the identification card of each person entering the well and transmitting it to the background monitoring system, the purpose of determining the location of the person entering the well is achieved. It can solve the related problems of serious card leakage in high-frequency RFID technology and difficulty in meeting the requirements of precise positioning.

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