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Application of HF RFID technology in Emdoor rugged tablet

Technical background

High-frequency RFID technology is a kind of RFID technology, the working frequency is 13.56MHz.

HF technology is mainly realized in the form of high-frequency RFID readers and high-frequency RFID tags. The data can be written into the tags by the high-frequency RFID readers, and the tags can also be read by the high-frequency RFID readers.  Moreover, high-frequency RFID tags are generally passive. When the tags are working, data exchange must be carried out in the near-field area radiated by the antenna of the high-frequency RFID reader.


Using the many different characteristics of high-frequency RFID technology, people have developed a series of applications, such as smart access control, smart transportation, attendance check-in, logistics management, item anti-counterfeiting, electronic business cards, etc. In addition to high-frequency RFID readers and high-frequency RFID tags, these applications are also inseparable from smart terminals. We use HF RFID readers to apply high-frequency RFID technology to the rugged tablet terminal, which can directly communicate with the high-frequency RFID tag through the tough tablet. This method can effectively combine the tag recognition function of the high-frequency RFID reader with the information management and data interaction functions of the industrial tablet such as industrial tablet windows 10, providing a more dimensional perception experience and realizing fast and efficient information management.


In the application of smart access control, the rugged tablet terminal with high-frequency RFID technology can read the identification card with an integrated high-frequency RFID tag worn by the employee. When the employee is close to the ruggedized tablet, the industrial tablet Reads the employee's identification card information and uploads the information to the back-end management system. Only when the back-end system determines that the employee has permission, can it pass, otherwise it will not pass.

In logistics management applications, high-frequency RFID tags are used to uniquely identify the information of an object. The industrial panel pc with high-frequency RFID technology can greatly improve the speed and accuracy of record collection of product information in and out of the warehouse, and realize warehousing, Fully automatic control and management of operations such as outbound, moving, inventory, etc., to reduce human errors.

In anti-counterfeiting applications, high-frequency RFID tags can be embedded in products, and each tag has a globally unique ID number, which cannot be modified or forged. The information exchange between a rugged tablet with high-frequency RFID technology and a tag can effectively identify and protect the authenticity of the product. It can be better applied to anti-counterfeiting protection in the circulation process of valuables such as jewellery and characteristic books.

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