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Inventory of Warehouse Industry

With the increasing market competition, it is of utmost importance for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs. Warehousing and logistics management are now widely used in various industries. However, due to the low level of industry informatization and facility automation, inventory management is chaotic, express package information is scattered, and low efficiency often occurs. Designing and establishing a complete set of warehouse management processes, improving warehouse turnover rate, reducing the occupation of operating funds, and reducing the cost caused by eliminating warehousing are the essential parts of improving production efficiency for enterprises.

Emdoor INFO's rugged handheld terminals and tablet pcs instead of traditional manual operations help enterprises quickly realize digital and transparent management. In addition, Barcode recognition technology help collects and inquires about cargo information. All in all, I divide the whole Warehouse & Logistics management into seven parts, and this article focuses on the third party. I will share the following in the next four solutions every week.

The challenge of the inventory:
The challenge of the inventory:

Regular inventory is an essential link in warehouse management. The traditional inventory method mainly relies on manual accounting to check one by one. The workload is heavy, cumbersome, and time-consuming, and people may usually make mistakes during inventory. Many wrong situations happen from time to time. Warehouse data cannot be shared in real-time, so managers are unable to have a command of inventory information and formulate warehouse use plans in a timely manner.

The Solution of the inventory:
The Solution of the inventory:

Inventory workers can quickly complete the inventory operation by scanning the barcode of the goods with the rugged handheld EM-Q51. The inventory information is transmitted to the warehouse system in real-time, and it is easy to realize the intelligent mobile inventory anytime and anywhere through the wireless data transmission function of the handheld device.

Application effectiveness:
Application effectiveness:

1. The EM-Q51 handheld terminal can replace manual labor to count a large number of goods in a short time, and the system automatically counts the quantity of goods, which greatly reduces the workload of workers.

2. With an RFID UHF handle, it can quickly read a large number of barcode information in batches for inventory, and improve inventory efficiency;

3. The EM-Q51 handheld terminal has a stable mobile network to ensure that data can be shared in real time, and managers can understand inventory information in time to make decisions about the next step;

4. Directly upload the inventory data to the ERP system through the handheld terminal EM-Q51, avoiding manual secondary data entry errors.

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