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What Superior Performances Does Ruggedized Tablet PC Have?

1. The communication of the ruggedized tablet PC is more stable

The communication stability of the rugged tablet PC is manifested in two aspects: First, the stability of the communication module is better. Second, the antenna and structural design of the ruggedized tablet PC must be closely coordinated to ensure that the antenna can release the best performance.

In addition, the rugged tablet PC needs to be tested many times in a specific environment, and it can be improved from time to time to ensure the stability of communication performance.


2. The ruggedized tablet PC fits the protection level of industrial IP

Generally speaking, the working environment of the ruggedized tablet PC is relatively fierce. If the industrial protection level of the ruggedized tablet PC does not meet the standard, water and dust will enter it. As a result, the electronic components inside are prone to heat and damage over time, and the service life will be shorter. Therefore, the industrial grade of the ruggedized tablet PC must meet the standard.

Professionals need to take into account the application environment of the product when designing the ruggedized tablet PC so that its protection level conforms to the industry standard.

The industrial protection level of the ruggedized tablet PC usually needs to be IP67 and IP65 to improve the environmental compliance and application reliability of the product and meet the industrial application environment requirements of the product.

3. The appearance of the ruggedized tablet PC is with minimalist style

Product design is becoming increasingly prominent. A good product has an attractive product appearance. From the user's point of view, considering the aesthetic trend of the user group, manufacturers optimize and innovate in terms of appearance, color, material, craftsmanship, etc., and make the product simple, novel, modern, beautiful and distinguished. The new ruggedized tablet PC fits the user's aesthetics, conforms to the user experience, and is convenient and fast to use.

4. The ruggedized tablet PC has good performance

A good ruggedized tablet PC needs to have a good user experience and comfort when hand-held is one of the important indicators. The shape design of the ruggedized tablet is ergonomic, light and portable, and easy to operate by hand. Moreover, through the humanized design of details and the intuitive interactive interface design, the reliability, simplicity, and comfort of handheld operation are improved.

5. The ruggedized tablet PC is crash-proof

The crash-proof performance of the ruggedized tablet is important. The user's demand for the ruggedized tablet is not only to work normally, but also to have a longer life. In the process of designing and manufacturing the ruggedized tablet PC, it is necessary to ensure its crash resistance.

What's more, a silica gel maintenance layer around the surface of the ruggedized tablet PC and an all-magnesium alloy bracket inside can maintain the motherboard and LCD better. A product with every detail well done can be durable and crash-resistant.

The ruggedized tablet PC such as rugged tablet windows 10, rugged linux tablet that meets the needs of users comprehensively considers various elements such as function, appearance, human-machine, and environment. Manufacturers should be people-oriented, pay attention to product design and innovation, deal with details, make all performance parameters of products conform to industry standards, ensure the stability and reliability of product functions, and bring users a more user-friendly product experience.

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