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Emdoor Info windows rugged tablets, A Great Helper for Airport Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is a complex and large consumption of manpower and materials, which requires a high demand for the performance and adaptability of the maintenance electronics. Therefore many airports are now equipped with portable windows rugged tablets as the core control platform. 


Below are the problems faced during the whole maintenance process.

1. Large Environmental Differences Between Regions

Due to different locations, the whole set of equipment faces great challenges of regional environmental differences. Such as perennial low temperature in the northern region, plateau, plateau low pressure environment, high temperature in desert areas, sandstorm, high temperature and high humidity in the south, threat of salt spray erosion in coastal areas. windows rugged tablets like rugged tablet windows 10 and rugged tablet windows 11 need to have a wider range of adaptability and overcome all these environmental differences.

2. Big Temperature Differences Between Day and Night

When in the wild, especially in winter, temperature difference between day and night is great. At night, the ground temperature of the runway may drop below zero, especially in the north. In the hot summer, runway will always maintain a relatively high temperature under the hot sun. Ground temperature is generally above 50 degrees Celsius, the runway surface temperature rises to more than 60 degrees Celsius when in the hottest noon. So it needs a windows rugged tablets which can withstand a wide temperature range.

3. Changing Weather

Once encountered important maintenance tasks, on-site maintenance will not be suspended due to sudden rainstorms or dust storms. And ordinary laptop must not work properly in bad weather outside. This requires the rugged windows tablet with 360 ° waterproof and dust-proof.

4.Complex Work Site

Large number of maintenance personnel needed at the maintenance site to take their responsibility respectively. Due to the frequent movement during work, it is difficult to avoid some bumps and bruises, such as accidental drops of laptops, bumps and other accidents. Laptop with good drop and impact resistance is needed.

As a leading one-stop provider of rugged mobile intelligent terminals in the world, Emdoor Info provides a full set of solutions for various industries with its hardware products comprehensively covering rugged handheld terminals, rugged tablet and laptops. Emdoor Info rugged laptop has a certification of IP65、IP67 level protection and passed 1.22 meters drop test. Whether it encounters a harsh environment or drop and bump, Emdoor's rugged portable tablets can easily cope with.

In addition, Emdoor Info rugged tablet windows can work normally in a wide temperature range of -20°C to 60°C, perfectly solving the problem of large temperature differences between day and night during aircraft maintenance. And long time maintenance work is also a great challenge for equipment life. Emdoor Info rugged tablet with dual wide temperature battery design, supports 6300mAh hot-plug battery. The battery life is up to 8 hours, making a whole day work without pressure.

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