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Emdoor Vehicle-mounted Tablet Helps Agricultural Autonomous Driving

The coming of the Industry 4.0 era also means that intelligence will become the main theme. With the rapid development of industrial science and technology, robots and artificial intelligence will be applied on a larger scale. As a traditional industry, agriculture will also undergo great changes. Among them, agricultural production activities have ushered in an excellent opportunity for development. Take automatic driving as an example. In the past, farming was done more by human beings, which could not achieve the desired effect with low work efficiency. Now we can use modern intelligent control technology to achieve high-precision operation, efficient system planning, and scheduling, improve the level of agricultural production management, achieve a substantial increase in output, and constantly improve the efficiency of agricultural production.


Farming autopilot system using satellite positioning, mechanical control, and inertial navigation technology adopts the advanced solution, enables the farm machinery to carry out work according to the planned route, and automatically adjust the direction, greatly improving its farming precision. Therefore, it is widely applied in ditching, harrowing, sowing, fertilizing, spraying, harvest and planting, and other agricultural production activities.

In the agricultural autonomous driving system, the vehicle-mount tablet PC plays a very important role. The front panel of the custom tablet car mount has reached the IP65 protection degree and can operate stably in harsh terrain, rain, and high or low temperature. The automatic driving system of agricultural farming can realize the functions of agricultural machine positioning, scientific operation, operation track, and historical track through the positioning system, to solve the problem of consuming too many resources in farming. At any time it can grasp the location of agricultural machinery, operation quality, alarm information, maintenance information, and other conditions, and it can achieve centralized management, and scientific scheduling, save time, trouble and labor, to provide intelligent solutions for agricultural production.

EM-VPC10J, the new generation of 10.1-inch vehicle tablet PC launched by Emdoor, has been greatly improved both in hardware and performance. Even in the agricultural autonomous driving industry with strict requirements on hardware equipment, EM-VPC10J can still provide strong technical support:

1. Equipped with an Intel JASPER LAKER N5100 processor, and the performance is guaranteed;

2. 2.4G+5.8G dual-band WIFI is adopted to receive information quickly and accurately;

3. Optional NFC quick identification function can meet the different needs of different workplaces;

4. The fuselage is sealed, to reach IP65 level dust resistance, not afraid of water splash, not afraid of dust absorption;

5. 700 nit high light screen, outdoor work without pressure;

6. Support multiple satellite navigation systems to monitor the operation in real time.

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