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What is the Use of Rugged Notebooks?


Rugged laptops are laptops with solid water, dust, and drop resistance. It is suitable for most harsh working environments and is a laptop with superb field durability and excellent performance.

What is the use of rugged notebooks?


Rugged notebook, also known as business-rugged laptops or industrial grade laptops, are generally used in aerospace, industrial manufacturing, geological exploration, public safety, utilities, the energy industry and other fields.

The measured standard for rugged notebooks is "IP"(ingress protection). The commonly used ratings are currently IP53, IP54, IP65, and IP67. The higher the IP number, the higher the protection level of the rugged notebooks.

Outdoor exploration expeditions are often carried out in harsh environments, for example, deserts, oceans, plateaus, and so on. So a qualified rugged notebook must be able to adapt to high temperature, low temperature, high altitude and rain, and other types of harsh environments.

Besides the basic waterproof, dustproof, anti-drop, rugged notebook pc need to withstand a certain impact in outdoor use, such as falling from a certain height.

A good positioning system is very important for ruggedized notebooks. Usually, a rugged laptop should equip with Beidou / GLONASS / GPS / Antenna and other strong and stable signal positioning systems in the outdoor environment.

For some industries, rugged laptops are also relevant to internal data security besides external ruggedness. Some business rugged laptops are equipped with multiple encryption modules such as an extra fingerprint identification device.

Are rugged notebooks worth it?


The answer is YES. Some might wonder why some rugged laptop is expensive. That is because it took a lot of R&D resources and tons of special techniques to make it extremely tough and durable and as portable, as they can.

Rugged notebook computer is very helpful for many businesses like:

Intelligent factory, intelligent robot, intelligent storage, seafaring ships, outdoor inspection, satellite communication, pipeline detection, mapping, aerospace, medical care, drone control, customs inspection, automobile maintenance, logistics, oil exploration, and even education.

Who makes the most rugged laptop?

Who makes the most rugged laptop

Emdoor Info makes the most rugged laptop, the world's leading OEM/ODM manufacturer of rugged laptops.  Established in 2008,  emdoor Info has focused on products and solutions for ruggedized handheld terminals, rugged tablet computers, notebook rugged, and industrial computers.

With hundreds of engineers, over 1300 employees, and a modern self-own factory, whether customers want rugged laptops for sale or self-using, Emdoor Info can meet the requirements as long as customers need.

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