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How Can the Rugged Handheld Tablet Help Enterprises Improve Their Production Level?

As an intelligent technical device, the handheld rugged tablet PC does not need to be connected to a computer. It is uploaded to the server through wireless network transmission for processing, which can effectively improve express logistics classification, planning, inbound and outbound, delivery speed, and reduce errors. Bit rate, reduce manpower, material resources, time costs, and promote the intelligent development of enterprises.

Ⅰ. Advantages of using a handheld rugged tablet

1. Stable communication

The communication stability of the handheld rugged tablet PC depends on two aspects of the communication module: the communication module, the antenna design and the structure design are tight, which ensures the release performance of the antenna.

In addition, the rugged handhelds also needs to be repeatedly tested in a specific environment, and continuous improvements and improvements are required to ensure stable communication performance.

2. Battery life

A good handheld rugged tablet can work continuously for more than 8 hours indoors and 10 hours outdoors without changing the battery during use. How to ensure long-term use can be started from three aspects: choose a low-power handheld rugged tablet PC, reduce the sleep power consumption of the handheld rugged tablet PC to a low level, and choose a high-performance, large-capacity battery.

3. Industrial protection level

The working environment of the logistics industry is relatively harsh, and the industry and temperature requirements are relatively high. Otherwise, it is easy to enter water, dust, and the temperature is too high or too low, causing equipment failure. In the long run, it will cause damage to the internal electronic components of the machine, which greatly shortens the life of the machine.

Ⅱ. Handheld reinforced tablet computers are used in different fields of enterprise production automation

1. Applied to the logistics industry

In each link of the logistics industry, the goods are received, packed, loaded, transported, and distributed by classification. Each link needs to check the name and quantity of the goods, outbound, destination, delivery time and other information. When faced with huge packages, how to establish an independent identification label for each package can save a lot of time and cost for logistics companies.

At present, the handheld rugged tablet PC can use RFID to read multiple electronic tags at one time, with a large number of readings and a short use time, which greatly improves the accuracy and work efficiency of logistics management, and is conducive to the production automation of logistics enterprises.

2. Suitable for fishery industry

In the fishing industry, fishery administrators go out to sea every day, face complex and bad weather, and sometimes have to face fishery disputes with neighboring countries to avoid problems such as being detained at sea by foreign countries. To this end, China urgently needs to establish a complete set of ship navigation and line monitoring emergency linkage system to deal with the crisis. The emergence of handheld reinforced tablet computers can deal with various problems such as waves encountered in fishing farms, limited space for fishing boats, and inaccurate navigation of general equipment. The handheld ruggedized tablet provides a safety system for fishing operations. It can also meet the complex environmental requirements at work, and achieve the ideal waterproof, dustproof, and anti-drop effects. The handheld reinforced tablet PC can also be customized according to user needs.

3. Suitable for production industry

As a manufacturing industry, in order to meet the requirements of workshop monitoring product quality, a data processing terminal with firm structure, good connection performance and long-term work in harsh production environment is required. Moreover, the handheld rugged tablet computer can not only meet these requirements, but also adapt to the harsh working environment. The rugged handheld computer can also well improve the production automation level of enterprises.

In summary, ruggedized tablet PCs have great advantages in enterprise applications and are used in different fields. For more information about rugged handheld tablet, please visit our official website for consultation.

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