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Emdoor info's rugged handhelds assist the cold chain logistics

With the improvement of people's consumption concept and level, the demand for fresh products continues to grow so that the cold chain logistics industry can develop rapidly.

Fresh products need to go through multiple links such as suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centres, and distributors before being delivered to consumers. Longer shipping times mean higher product loss rates.

A tool that can collect detailed and accurate warehouse information and delivery data is needed for cold chain logistics to deliver fresh products to customers better and faster.  Due to the particular delivery environment, the equipment must withstand low temperatures.

Emdoor's rugged handheld PDA adopts an industrial-grade anti-penetration seal design, which can be operated in freezing and refrigerated environments and can deal with the risk of water exposure in cold chain work. Through the RFID reading technology and high-speed network performance of the rugged handheld devices, the reading speed of commodity labels and data transfer is no longer limited by distance and quantity. Furthermore, the real-time updated positioning system of Emdoor rugged handheld allows staff to monitor the location and condition of all assets in the cold chain to ensure that the goods are accurately delivered to customers.

Guarantee the reliable quality of goods in transportation and delivery, realize the informatization, intelligence, and dataization of the logistics process, and standardize the supervision and management of cold chain logistics. All of these can easily be achieved by Emdoor rugged handhelds.


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