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The Emdoor Info's 2021 Annual Meeting & Awards Ceremony Goes Virtual

Given continuing restrictions on large gatherings due to COVID-19, The Emdoor info's 2021 Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony held online on sunday, January 16.


Emdoor Info's 2021 Annual Meeting & Awards Ceremony Goes Virtual

“Despite the fact that we can not be able to see our many colleagues and partners in-person, we remain committed to honoring those who have supported Emdoor info, particularly in the face of all of the challenges encountered over the past year,” the Emdoor info’s Chief Executive Officer said.


Among the awards to be presented during the Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony are the Outstanding Employee of the Year Nomination Award, the Outstanding Employee of the Year Award, and the excellent Team of the Year Award.


“The hard work of all of our award recipients and nominees, and so many other colleagues is the critical component which enables our Emdoor Information to grow rapidly. The holding of this award ceremony is not only an affirmation of the efforts of all colleagues in the past year but also an expectation for continued development in the future.” Mr. Zhong, the founder of Emdoor Information, said at the end of the Annual Meeting.

More pictures about this event can be found on our LinkedIn page:

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