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What Is Special About Industrial Touch Screens And LCD Monitors?

An industrial touch screen means it can be clicked directly, and it is quick and convenient. The tactile feedback function in the touch screen system of the touch liquid crystal display. While LCD display is a flat and ultra-thin display device, which consists of a certain number of color or black and white pixels, placed in front of a light source or reflection. So what is special about industrial touch screens and LCD displays?

The following information on the industrial tablet like industrial tablet windows 10 is provided by Emdoor Information:

1. From the perspective of the level of LCD panels, LCD monitors use ordinary displays, and industrial touch screens use high-brightness industrial-grade A+ LCD panels, which require higher backlighting than monitors. Therefore, LCD displays are virtual on the display screen and cannot achieve good image effects.

2. The driver is different, that is, the solution of the display motherboard is also different. The driver motherboard of the industrial display is better at processing dynamic images. The LCD display uses the ordinary display motherboard, while the industrial touch screen has to bear long-term work, so it must adapt professional motherboards to ensure high brightness, contrast, clarity, super high-temperature resistance, etc., thereby reducing the loss of the screen. If the general monitor is used for a long time, the brightness and contrast will drop rapidly, which will affect the service life. Therefore, most LCD monitors can display images normally after the debugging is completed, but after a period of continuous power-on, part of the screen will become dark.

3. The industrial touch screen has a wide viewing angle, which can reach 178 degrees, while a normal LCD can only see a slice in the direction of 178 degrees. This is an important standard for identifying industrial touch screens and liquid crystal displays.

This is the end of the introduction of the special features of industrial touch screens to LCD monitors. If you don't understand, you can consult customer service for details of a rugged touch screen laptop. At the same time, Welcome to consult Emdoor Information products and their cost-effectiveness. Emdoor have various rugged products, such as Industrial rugged notebooks, industrial tablet PC, industrial rugged computers, industrial rugged handhelds, all-in-ones, desktops, etc.

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