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What Are the Four Major Development Trends of the Industrial Panel PC?

The industrial panel PC is widely used in factory automation, equipment automation, medical care, retail, transportation and other industries. So, what changes will happen to the industrial panel PC in the future? What is the development trend?

1. The industrial panel PC will be more beautiful, thinner and more useful

First of all, the industrial panel PC will be thinner and more beautiful in appearance, as well as more useful. This will become the future development trend of the panel PC.

Take the appearance as an example, with the wide application of the industrial panel PC in medical, retail and other fields, The customer also adds the color matching of the panel PC body and the use occasion to the purchase conditions. Therefore, industrial panel PC suppliers have added humanized appearance colors and pure flat LCD screens in the design, which greatly improves the appearance of the industrial panel PC.

The increasingly thin and light design saves space and makes maintenance easier. At the same time, the durable aluminum alloy casing and the fanless embedded design can still ensure the inherent stability and reliability of the industrial panel PC.

2. The industrial panel PC is more intelligent and user-friendly

In the performance of the industrial panel PC, the continuous upgrading of processing platforms also drives the continuous improvement of the computing speed and graphics processing speed of the industrial panel PC.

With the advancement of Industry 5.0, the endless stream of innovative applications is also testing the scalability of the industrial panel PC. Abundant interfaces and excellent expansion are one of the keys to the success of the future industrial panel PC. Customized services come when standard products cannot meet the needs of users so as to save the time and cost of system configuration for them.

3. The display screen of the industrial panel PC

The continuous innovation of display technology is undoubtedly driving the development of the industrial panel PC. In the future, cutting-edge technology in the field of display technology will surely be applied to the industrial tablet PC.

From the development trajectory of science and technology, the curved surface is the general trend. The advantages of curved displays are as follows:

The first is an immersive experience. The slightly curved screen can provide a better surround impression with a deeper viewing experience.

The second is a broader perspective. A curved screen makes people feel it is larger and has a wider field of view than a flat display of the same size. However, the industry's scepticism about curved displays is also incisive. For example, curved displays have higher requirements for light and may require some additional lighting design. The wide viewing of the curved display is relative, users need to adjust the position and height of desks and chairs.

The 4K resolution of an industrial panel PC is a pixel resolution of 4096×2160. It is 4 times the resolution of a high-definition TV, which is an ultra-high-definition resolution. With the resolution, users can see every detail and every close-up in the picture. However, due to the rapid development of the resolution of the display, the related industry chain has not followed up, so the 4K display is far from reaching the level of popularization. Also, the application in the industrial field requires more time and technological development.

4. The industrial panel PC makes everything easier

The industrial panel PC has a simple installation method, simple on-site maintenance, as well as simple remote management and technical support. There is no doubt that the pursuit of industrial panel PC manufacturers is to make everything simpler, save more manpower, space and cost for users while ensuring their interests. Besides, industrial panel PC manufacturers are fundamentally continuing to promote the development and advancement of the industrial panel PC.

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