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Let's know about EM-I22K-5G!

A rugged notebook is a notebook with high performance. Although it appears a good anti-fall performance, can it meet my daily needs and can I play it every day? So I made the following attempts from the habits of playing computers as usual:

Run various social software at the same time

Employees can't do without WeChat, QQ, and Ding Talk. When they are running at the same time, will the efficiency of opening be decreased?

The ruggedized notebook, EM-I22K, can handle multiple software smoothly at the same time. They can coordinate with each other, do not interfere with each other, and have stable functions.

Watch online videos smoothly

For those who love videos, if a computer can combine his working status and his entertainment function, then this EM-I22K rugged notebook will be a perfect choice.

While I turn on Mango TV and choose a hit show to start watching, after an episode of more than 40 minutes video, there is no lag, and I even feel that the 12.2-inch screen and 1920*1200 IPS screen are pretty good.

For EM-I22K rugged notebooks, the standard CPU configuration is m3-7Y30, with two cores, and four threads. As an important member of Intel’s seventh-generation Core, it is mainly for low-power, long-life devices such as the rugged laptop windows 10, and is mainly for the rugged tablet market. Equipped with a detachable keyboard, its functions will be more comprehensive and powerful.

Long Bluetooth connection distance

For many people, there is not much time to concentrate on playing on the computer. So if a notebook can play while working, it can greatly improve work efficiency and our happiness. For example, if I want to use external tools such as Bluetooth speakers, then the advantage of Bluetooth appears.

The EM-I22K ruggedized notebook uses the current higher version of the Bluetooth protocol 4.2. Its transmission efficiency is extremely high, and the maximum transmission distance is up to 10 meters, which is comparable to industry standards and is more than enough for listening to the video, having fun, or talking.

Complete accessories

When we are enjoying spare time at home, what we fear most is the sudden concern of the leader. The so-called is that people sit at home and work falls from the sky. If you don't have office equipment, you can only do nothing.

It encountered to me in the past. But fortunately, my EM-I22K ruggedized notebook once again plays its role in time. The EM-I22K rugged notebook is an integration of tablet and notebook. I usually only watch videos, watch the touch screen and soft keyboard, it can nearly meet all my daily needs.

When I have a heavy workload, the detachable keyboard can be installed on the notebook and combined into a desktop notebook. Besides, it is worth noting that the keyboard does not need to be charged and it can be used at will.

The protection of the keyboard is very well. You don’t have to worry about spilling coffee on the keyboard. The keyboard is made of nylon that can easily prevent moisture.

The EM-I22K rugged notebook can work at any time, anywhere.

No longer be afraid of sudden work from the leader.

Have one, have all.


When at home, Wi-Fi, like air conditioning, works all the time. But Wi-Fi is more unstable than air conditioning. Rugged notebook I22K improves this.

The EM-I22K ruggedized notebook adopts 2.4G+5G dual-band Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi wireless signal is stronger and more stable, and the transmission speed is higher. It can easily handle unstable Wi-Fi signals, which can meet the future high-definition and big data wireless transmission. It is simply a heat-generating application. Originally, most of my happiness came from it!

The EM-I22K rugged notebook not only reaches the IP65 level in the protection but also has passed dozens of certifications. The standard skills of traditional notebooks have plummeted. It is an upgraded version of the consumer notebook, which can be used as usual and is anti-fall. It greatly widens my horizon.

Besides, this is the 4G version in my hand. At present, Emdoor information has successfully commissioned a new generation of 22K such as EM-I22K (5G) rugged notebook that supports 5G signals in cooperation with Quectel. 

I believe that with the completion of 5G network deployment, the application advantages of rugged tablets in special industries will be bound to more and more obvious. Emdoor Information keeps up with the trend of the industry and prioritizes more possibilities for customers.

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