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Applications of Industrial Tablet PC in Various Sites

With the vigorous development of science and technology, all walks of life have begun a comprehensive intelligent transformation and upgrading. With the maturity of technology from time to time, customers' requests for products are getting higher and higher. In order to meet the needs of different customers, industrial tablet PCs are designed and consumed to meet the needs of different customers.

At present, the mainstream industrial tablet is mainly used in the following aspects. In addition, there are also some smaller customized products, but they have also begun to enter a new market-oriented implementation.

1. Application of industrial tablet PC in the industrial control site

Industrial control site is the most common application of industrial tablet computers, so there is not many requests for the design and customization of industrial tablet computers including tablet industrial windows 10,  but it must also meet the requirements of an industrial site. This kind of industrial rugged tablet adopts an industrial resistance screen, can choose different specifications series of disposers (mainly IntelCore/Celeron/Atom and Cortex-A9), provides multiple USB interfaces and multiple serial ports (usually 4 USB and 4 serial ports), and can be equipped with Windows7/8/10/11/Linux system.

2. Application of industrial tablet PC in MES industrial field

MES is the manufacturing enterprise consumption process execution system, is a set of manufacturing enterprise workshop executive layer of consumption information management system, the application of the industrial flat performance requirements are more stringent, the interface, processor platform and other requirements are higher.

According to the demand, the industrial flat panel should have multiple USB ports and multiple serial ports at the same time, the power interface should adopt the aviation head to ensure the stability in the application process, and the display screen should adopt the industrial resistance screen to increase its durability and flexibility.

3. Application of industrial tablet PC in-vehicle control

On-board control is divided into two categories. One is driving test control, and the other is vehicle-mounted display control. The driving test control category requires industrial tablet PCs to have sufficient brightness, strong integrated control, clear sound quality, light volume, and optional IP65/IP67 dustproof and waterproof levels. The on-board control class requests the industrial flat panel to have sufficient brightness, a flexible touch screen and integrated control.

According to customer needs, this kind of onboard control industrial flat shell uses lightweight data. The corresponding reduction in the number of interfaces is used to control its thickness; Adopt a highly flexible industrial-grade display screen touch; The motherboard uses an industrial control motherboard, which has higher and faster-integrated processing capability than ordinary motherboards. In addition, speakers with clear sound quality are added.

4. Applications of industrial tablet PC in laser industrial control field

The laser industrial processing is the application of laser mapping to the surface of the data to remove or ablate the data or change the surface performance of the data, so as to achieve the purpose of processing.

The industrial flat panel working in this kind of field needs to be equipped with image software, can connect multiple devices, can run at high speed for a long time, and can be used in high-temperature environment. This kind of industrial tablet pc generally uses high-performance I series disposers. USB interface and serial port are all about 4, and high-temperature tests are required before leaving the factory.

As customer demand expands from time to time, industrial tablets are also moving towards a diversified market.

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