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The Application of Industrial Tablet in Tunnel Measurement

In the era of intelligent information interconnection, data transmission has become a basic capability. Intelligence has increasingly become the mainstream model of the division of labour in the digital age, and tunnel inspection equipment such as subways and high-speed rails are no exception. From manual inspection to optical fiber technology to smart devices, detection equipment is becoming more and more technological, intelligent and comprehensive. In the future, with the technical support of digital technology and panoramic acquisition, the inspection industry will also usher in more possibilities.


The industrial tablet for tunnel measurement is easy and efficient to operate through the software installed on the tablet PC. The industrial tablet PC can be connected to the total station on site. According to the data collected by the software and the analysis results of the target's thickness, the overall excavation progress of the tunnel can be grasped in real-time, and workers can timely find the problems existing in the tunnel construction process.

With the rugged tablet PC installed with the tunnel intelligent detection system, the system automatically performs real-time full-section scanning, compares the scanning results with the standard limit data pre-saved in the database, and records the over-limit points in the database for easy viewing. The results of the simultaneous inspection are saved. The system is intelligent, highly automated, has good expandability, and has high measurement accuracy, which improves on-site inspection efficiency. Moreover, the equipment has a simple structure and a modular design, which is convenient for later maintenance.

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EM-Q225M is Emdoor's 12.2-inch new flagship 5G rugged tablet with a new appearance, front physical buttons, equipped with a high-performance and low-power ARM eight-core 2.0GHz mobile processor, and its performance has been greatly improved compared with the previous generation. It also boasts high-score and high-brightness screens, front and rear high-definition dual cameras, dual speakers, and rich I/0 interfaces. Its excellent performance can be seen everywhere.

When conducting tunnel survey operations, it is commonplace to encounter complex weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snow, sun exposure and other extreme weather. This is not a small test for the electronic equipment that assists in the operation. EM-Q225M has passed a number of strict drop and impact tests, and its protection level reaches IP65. It is waterproof and fall-proof. In addition, EM-Q225M rugged tablet PC also supports a wide temperature (-20℃ to 60℃) environment, so it can easily cope with any complex weather.

Considering that tunnel survey operations are generally located in relatively remote areas, the signal is frequently bad. Since the tunnel measurement needs to use the signal for real-time data transmission, there are strict requirements on the signal strength of the equipment. EM-Q225M rugged tablet PC adopts integrated 5G baseband, 4G/3G full-band network coverage and supports dual-band WiFi with frequency 2.4G+5G so that the transmission speed can be kept fast at all times. The 12600mAh super-capacity battery ensures all-weather work without pressure, bringing all-around hardware protection for tunnel survey work.

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