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Swedish Timber Transport Management

Swedish Timber Transport Management


Forestry is the main body of modern ecological construction. With the continuous advancement of information technology, forestry must accelerate the pace of modernization construction in order to meet the diverse needs of social development for forestry. Timber transportation is the last line of defense for the protection of forestry resources. How to integrate information technology into the management of timber transportation is particularly critical.


1. Manually collecting data at the site, which consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, singular data collection, and the release of information is not timely;

2. The timber transportation fleet information is not processed in time, and the forest farm navigation is not accurate;

3. Confusion in management and the occurrence of forgery.


In response to this problem, Emdoor Info recommends some rugged products, such as EM-I22H, EM-I22K, and EM-I15H. These 10 inch rugged tablet integrates data collection, information query, map browsing, positioning and navigation, camera video, tree species auxiliary identification, data statistics and analysis, and wireless transmission. The rugged 2 in 1 laptop realizes the paperless operation of data collection, significantly improves efficiency, strengthens timber transportation management, effectively maintains normal timber circulation order, and protects the forestry resources.

EM-I22H Swedish Timber Transport Management

Swedish Timber Transport Management


PC rugged

The PC rugged is special in timeliness and accuracy of data collection and transmission, GPS navigation and real-time route tracking;

Use label and QR code technology to identify

The authenticity of the certificate and the actual volume of timber transportation, greatly improving work efficiency and quality;

Combined with systematic statistics and analysis

It can centrally grasp the flow and direction of the wood, and the change law of wood transportation at different times and in different regions, and provide a basis for the regulation of wood transportation;

With the chargeable vehicle mount

It is easy to disassemble and ensure continuous operation, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency;

1000nit high-brightness display enhances

The visual effect under strong light.

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