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What are the rugged aspects of rugged notebook pc? How to select?

Rugged notebook pc are typically used in specialized industries, such as industrial manufacturing, aviation, utilities, surveying, and exploration. Some industries need to use the notebook in a special environment, which may be outdoors, or ice and snow weather, or the circumstances of strong light. These scenarios require the rugged notebook. As industrial equipment, the rugged notebook is also worthy of the name. Do you know what are the rugged aspects of the rugged notebook? How to select? Today Emdoor will briefly introduce this knowledge to you. 


1. What are the rugged aspects of a rugged notebook pc?

We should know that the rugged laptop should adapt to a variety of harsh environments. In the design of a rugged notebook, the various factors affecting the computer performance, such as system structure, electrical characteristics and mechanical and physical properties of the structure, need to take the corresponding guarantee measures. 

In terms of sealing performance, rugged laptops adopt completely airtight and mostly fan-less designs.

In terms of materials, rugged notebooks can use aluminium alloy, aluminium magnesium alloy, titanium alloy and other metal materials or engineering plastics.

From the point of view of protection level, the protection level of the rugged notebook is mostly IP65, which is 360° dust-proof and waterproof.

A rugged notebook pc should have the following characteristics:

(1) Strong environmental adaptability, high reliability, and high maintainability;

(2) Strong real-time processing capability;

(3) Serialization, standardization and modularization;

(4) Special software development is the key to its application. 

2. How to select the rugged notebook pc?

The rugged notebook has rugged performance (dust-proof, waterproof, anti-fall). How to check the rugged grade? Generally, it is expressed by IPXX, such as IP53 and IP65. The larger the number, the better the dust-proof and waterproof effect. In the selection, according to the industry or environment you are in to determine the protection standard. If it is used to achieve the foundational dust-proof and waterproof performance, you can choose a lower grade. If it is often used in the outdoor field scene, and sometimes it will suddenly rain, then choose a higher protection level, such as IP65. (You may want to contact professional rugged computer manufacturers)


The use environment of rugged notebook can be generally divided into outdoors or indoors. If it is outdoor use, it is recommended that the user choose a higher brightness of the rugged notebook, such as the optional 700 nit high brightness screen; if it is used indoors, then choose a lower brightness screen, such as 500 nit.

Different models of rugged notebooks can withstand different temperature ranges. For example, the operating temperature range of Emdoor Info's rugged notebook is -20 ° C to +60 ° C. Considering the ambient temperature, make sure that the product you choose is in this range.

In other aspects, pay attention to whether the rugged notebook comes with or can match the functions you need, such as: GPS + beidou navigation, NFC, speaking, reading and writing, fingerprint identification, whether the face recognition function is optional, whether the discrete graphics card is optional, whether the screen is a touch or a non-touch screen, and whether the car base is optional.

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