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Reinforced Tablet PCs Are Helping Environmental Protection Industry

As the global environment continues to change, people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing, and more and more people are beginning to care about the quality of their environment. Environmental protection departments also need various types of fast-updating information in large quantities. Therefore, how establishing an environmental protection data collection system with strong practicability, wide coverage and good flexibility to meet the needs of all aspects of environmental monitoring information is particularly important. Based on this foundation, the reinforced tablet pcs stand out and meet the requirements of environmental supervision in all aspects.


Since the monitoring points are scattered and widely distributed, and most of them are set in areas with harsh environments, data transmission through GPS wireless networks has become one of the communication methods chosen by environmental protection departments. The reinforced industrial tablet can send the collected pollution data to the detection department of the management centre in time through the network, so as to realize the timely management of the pollutant discharge unit or individual, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of the environmental protection staff.

The acquisition system of environmental protection data is a pollution source monitoring system composed of pollution source discharge monitoring points and monitoring centers. The system can automatically sample pollution sources and conduct online monitoring of major pollution factors; grasp specific pollution data, and the monitoring data will be automatically transmitted to the monitoring center; the computer in the monitoring center will collect, organize and comprehensively analyze the data; the monitoring information will be transmitted to the management center, and the management center supervises and manages the pollution sources.


EM-I20A is a 12.2-inch upgraded reinforced rugged pc for environmental protection of Emdoor, equipped with the new 12th generation Intel® Core™ i5-1235U/i7-1255U processor, which greatly improves the energy efficiency ratio. There are also multiple upgrade highlights such as large-capacity memory + solid-state hard disk, high-definition outdoor screen, WiFi 6 wireless network, Bluetooth 5.1, industrial NFC, large and small dual batteries, a full set of interfaces, and one of four modules, which can bring more powerful productivity, and easily cope with a variety of high-performance and high-demand usage scenarios.


1. EM-I20A is equipped with a full set of interfaces such as full-featured Type-C, USB3.0, and mini HDMI. There are also four modules: wired network interface, USB2.0, RJ232, and QR code. You can choose one of the modules arbitrarily, which can meet the requirements in various application scenarios;

2. Support the latest WiFi-6 network technology. With WiFi6 router or gateway AP, the speed, delay and capacity have been greatly improved. Not only that, the new Bluetooth 5.1 technology has faster transmission, lower power consumption, long distance and other characteristics compared to the previous version.

3. EM-I20A is equipped with a standard storage capacity of 8+128GB, which can be expanded up to 64+512GB. The super large capacity can satisfy multiple tasks at the same time and maintain a smooth running speed.

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