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Emdoor Info 2021 Annual Management Conference

On January 20, 2022, Emdoor's year-end management meeting with the theme of "Optimizing Products and Reaching New High Performance" was held in Shenzhen. The chairman of Emdoor Group, senior executives of the group, general manager of Emdoor Information, and heads of various departments attended the meeting.


"Optimizing products and creating new highs in performance is not only the theme of this conference but also the goal we want to achieve in 2022. We hope to put into practice the user experience from the work of the past year. And also hope that everyone can maintain the spirit of perseverance to study things in order to achieve greater self-worth. "said by Chairman of Emdoor Group.


At the meeting, the heads of various departments reported on the work progress of the past year and the plan for 2022, and also put forward suggestions for the existing problems. Meanwhile, the chairman of Emdoor Group adjusted the business strategy and business layout further subdivided product positioning and market and clarified the consistency between business structure and market demand.


"2022 is a brand new year, we have to make every effort to meet the opportunities that may arise. Thinking creatively while doing a good job is something we all need. Hopefully, we can get a prettier transcript in 2022 through our unremitting efforts” said by the chairman of Emdoor Group at the end of the meeting.


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