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The Specific Application of the Three-proof Handheld Rugged Tablet in the Retail Industry

With the development of network technology and changes in consumer behavior, more and more traditional retail enterprises are transforming into new retail. In essence, new retail does not abandon the physical entity, but integrates and upgrades online and offline. Through information technology, it improves the efficiency of merchants and brings consumers a better shopping experience. As the orders continue to increase, the needs of customers are gradually diversified, and the efficient management of stores is also facing unprecedented challenges.

Ⅰ. Application advantages of handheld rugged tablet PCs

Retail stores use barcode handheld rugged tablet PCs, which can realize the informatization of store order management, logistics distribution, commodity inquiry, commodity inventory, etc., and eliminate the problems of unreasonable commodity configuration, inefficiency, and management confusion in store management. Improve the service level of stores, reduce labor costs, and improve work efficiency, thereby enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Ⅱ. The specific application of barcode handheld rugged tablet PC in the retail industry

1. Confirmation of receipt

The supplier sends the goods to the warehouse, and the receiving staff scans the barcode of the product with a barcode handheld rugged tablet PC, and the receipt is automatically completed.

2. The latest quotation and additional

The peak holiday season is the best time for business promotions. Employees can use barcode handheld rugged PDAs to complete batch updates and temporary additions of price tags for the entire field, timely respond to the demand for frequent price changes during the promotion period, and increase sales revenue for the storefront.

3. Commodity sales

Using handheld barcodes to scan commodity barcodes can display the price, quantity, inventory and other data of commodities, realize real-time query of commodity information, and provide customers with a more diverse and convenient shopping experience.

4. Smart shopping guide

The clothing label information is automatically identified through the barcode handheld rugged PDA, and the database system is connected by WiFi to obtain all the pictures and text information related to the commodity in real time, and respond to the needs of customers in a timely manner.

5. Storage management

The warehouse manager uses a barcode rugged handheld tablet to inquire about the detailed location of the shelf on the shelf, and then uses a forklift to deliver the goods to the designated location. After the location of the goods is changed, the administrator updates the information of the goods in time through the barcode handheld reinforcement tablet, and uploads the goods to the system.

6. Count the goods

Scan the barcode of the product with the portable barcode to realize the rapid inventory count, no need to manually count the inventory, and the inventory quantity information is clear at a glance, avoiding the inefficiency of manual inventory, and ensuring accurate and timely data.

7. Cargo inquiry

In order to inquire about the price and inventory of the goods, the staff used to bring the goods to the computer for inquiry. Today, using a handheld barcode rugged tablet PC to scan the barcode of the commodity, through the WIFI wireless network, the price, quantity, inventory and other data of the commodity can be displayed on the handheld barcode terminal in real time, which brings convenience to work.

From the above description, Emdoor, a leading tablet pc supplier, can understand the specific applications of handheld rugged tablet PCs in the retail industry. If you want to know more about industrial tablet, please visit our official website for consultation.

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