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5G speeds up the industrial IoT development

The concept of 5G may be a faster Internet speed for most consumers.  The lower latency and higher reliability bring about a certain improvement experience for the individual users. However, It is barely noticeable that the latency of opening a webpage is reduced from 50ms to 10ms.

Yet a lower network latency and higher stability can be a game changer in the industrial field. The industrial areas include many vertical industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, energy, construction, and mining. The characteristics of each industry vary greatly. The combination of IoT and each sector should be adjusted according to the parts of the industry itself.

We can summarize the application of the IoT in the industry into four levels: data collection and display, fundamental data analysis and management, in-depth data analysis and application, and industrial control. The pool and presentation of data need to rely on network transmission to allow visualization, fundamental data analysis, management, in-depth data analysis, and application need to rely on data; industrial control needs the help of 5G for communication capabilities. In the past, the application of the Industrial IoT could only stay on the entry-level data collection and display and limited management functions extended from it. It is difficult to involve the core fields such as the control of industrial systems in which the network stability issue and latency is the roadblock.

However, These requirements can be well met by the 5G rugged tablet pc launched by Emdoor. These 5G rugged tablets for sale have extremely low latency and ensure fluent real-time monitoring and control in the industrial field, and the high-reliable network quality has met the stability requirement of the industrial system. It can handle the transmission capacity of 3D high-definition video, dramatically improving the operation accuracy in the remote control.



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