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The Application of Rugged Tablets in Fire Fighting, Drilling, and Power Plant Industries

A rugged tablet PC is a tablet computer with reinforcement technology. Therefore, a rugged tablet PC has features such as drop resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, rugged tablet PC can be used in many fields, and let us have a look now.

1. Application of Rugged Tablet PC in Firefighting

As we all know, firefighters' work is at risk all the time. Tens of thousands of firefighters have been injured in the process of rescue, most of them on the front lines and without protective equipment.

If certain equipment can be used to work normally in a complex environment such as a fire, and the specific location of the rescued object can be reported at the same time, then the casualties can be reduced. This kind of device is undoubtedly a rugged tablet PC. The fire department has been looking for this kind of technical equipment. Install a piece of equipment in the fire truck, which can obtain information on the scene in time, direct the firefighters to carry out the rescue, and keep in touch with the frontline firefighters.

The rugged tablet PC must be mobile, extremely sturdy and reliable; it must support existing wireless devices; it can also provide operators with statistics on the use of fire trucks, such as oxygen consumption and pressure status; the system also needs to have alarm functions and the evacuation notice, and more importantly, if the firefighters cannot receive the instructions, they need to be able to communicate directly via radio to ensure the effective progress of the rescue.

2. Application of Rugged Tablet PC in Drilling

Drilling platforms have quite high requirements for the reliability of computer hardware. It is required to reinforce the anti-explosion, corrosion resistance and system stability of the tablet PC products. Usually, the monitoring system needs to adopt a redundant backup system (including software redundancy and hardware redundancy).

Rugged tablet PCs can collect daily production data and historical data generated for a period of time through the management LAN of the platform, and then transfer them to the land-based production management department after summary processing so that the management department can control the production situation of the platform in time and make plans for future production and make timely adjustments.

3. Application of Rugged Tablet PC in Power-plant

Most wind farms are located in the desert or on the coast. In order to ensure the stable operation of the generator in harsh environments such as desert, salt mist, vibration, overheating or electric noise, the self-protection diagnostic function of the generator is particularly important. Therefore, on-site operators would carefully conduct daily inspections.

The time for daily inspections is very important. It requires employees to record operating data and send the data to the back-end data center server in time for data analysis and active monitoring of the generator system status.

In wind farms, field operators who use rugged tablet PC can establish a connection with the data center stably and conveniently to realize data transmission and communication. In this way, not only the labour force at each work site is reduced, but also time and cost are saved.

The above is the applications of rugged tablets in firefighting, drilling and power plants. In these situations, the advantages of the three-proof Emdoor rugged tablet PC are fully utilized which is also a powerful tool for operators.

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