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Two New Models rugged pcs in Emdoor Info

by Jozy,Mareketing Specialiast

With the rapid development of the social economy, various types of rugged tablets emerge in an endless stream, and the tablet PC of various brands are also updated iterations. If you want to buy cost-effective products, you have to be a little bit more careful about the selection of manufacturers. The brand effect must be known to everyone. And each company will produce products of different styles and configurations. It would be great if you can buy the most suitable equipment with the least amount of money within the budget allowed. Then this article recommends to you two newly launched 10.1 inches and 12.2 inch upgraded ruggedized tablet EM-10J and EM-I20J.

If you are interested, you can continue to read down, I will use the most concise sentences that allow you to understand these two super cost-effective products in one picture.

10.1''  Intel EM-I10J

Windows 10 Rugged PC

EMDOOR Ruggedized Tablets EM-10J

12.2''  Intel  EM-I20J

Windows 10 Rugged PC

EMDOOR Ruggedized Tablets EM-I20J

Are you interested in these two super cost-effective ruggedized tablets?

It's better to act now. Click the picture to learn more!

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