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Empowering Industrial Efficiency: Introducing P15R and P21J Industrial Panel PCs In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Emdoor is proud to introduce two cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the demands of modern industrial environments: the P15R and P21J Industrial Panel PCs. Let's delve into the features and capabilities of these innovative devices.


P15R: Enhancing Performance and Versatility 

 Industrial Panel PCs

1. Robust Processing Power:

Equipped with a 4-core ARM architecture A55 processor and running on the Android 11 operating system, the P15R delivers reliable and efficient performance for a wide range of industrial applications.


2. Immersive Visual Experience:

Featuring a full 15.6-inch FHD display, the P15R offers crisp visuals and detailed imagery. The IP65-rated front panel provides protection against water and dust ingress, ensuring durability in challenging environments.


3. Optimal Thermal Management:

With a fanless design, the P15R excels in heat dissipation, maintaining strong stability performance even in demanding industrial settings. This ensures uninterrupted operation and prolonged lifespan.


4. Extreme Reliability:

Designed for wide voltage and temperature working performance, the P15R is perfect for continuous operation, 24/7, in all weather conditions. Its rugged construction and robust components make it a reliable choice for industrial use.


5. Versatile Connectivity Options:

The P15R boasts a wide range of interfaces, including multiple USB, RS232, LAN, HDMI, and other I/O ports, providing seamless integration with various industrial systems and equipment.


P21J: Power and Adaptability Redefined

Industrial Panel PCs


1. High-Performance Processing:

Powered by an 11th generation Intel Celeron processor and equipped with the Windows 10/11 operating system, the P21J offers exceptional processing power for demanding industrial tasks.


2. Expansive Display:

Featuring a full 21.5-inch FHD display, the P21J delivers immersive visuals and enhanced productivity. Its IP65-rated front panel ensures protection against water and dust ingress, maintaining reliability in harsh environments.


3. Enhanced Environmental Resilience:

The P21J is engineered with anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-static capabilities, ensuring optimal performance in challenging industrial environments. Its fanless design and uniform heating fin contribute to reliable operation 24/7.


4. Unmatched Reliability:

Built for reliability and longevity, the P21J is designed to withstand continuous operation without compromise. Its rugged construction and robust components ensure consistent performance in demanding industrial settings.


5. Comprehensive Connectivity:

With multiple USB, LAN, DB9, HDMI, and other I/O ports, the P21J offers versatile connectivity options to meet diverse industrial requirements, enabling seamless integration and enhanced productivity.


Industrial Panel PCs

Customer Feedback:

"Emdoor's P15R and P21J Industrial Panel PCs have revolutionized our operations. The robust performance, reliability, and versatility of these devices have significantly enhanced our productivity and efficiency." - John Doe, Operations Manager.


In conclusion, the P15R and P21J Industrial Panel PCs from Emdoor are the epitome of innovation and reliability in industrial computing. With their advanced features and rugged design, they are poised to drive efficiency and productivity in various industrial applications.

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