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Emdoor Info IPC Used in Medical AGV

Emdoor Info IPC Used in Medical AGV


As of 2018, AGV applications in the medical industry have been very extensive. In the entire medical system, the medical AGV has faced many tasks, such as assisting the general pharmacy to dispense medicine to each ward, assisting the ward to deliver samples to the central laboratory, and assisting the intravenous dispensing centre to distribute it to different wards. In addition, the high-end AGV will also target some sensitive materials or samples with a built-in biometric fingerprint encryption lock and use laser and ultrasonic navigation to avoid obstacles to ensure effective transportation. Because of its many advantages that AGV will become the best solution for the hospital's auto-delivery. AGV can achieve the above functions, which is closely related to its built-in IPC. First, all certifications required by the medical system must solve the problem of unstable internal power supply. At the same time, the motor and motion control card is required to have a powerful extension function for the IPC. As a high-quality producer of IPC, Emdoor Info has played a very important role in the development of AGV.


1. Power supply is unstable;

2. Poor confidentiality;

3. Fewer interfaces.


Emdoor EM-MP200S is a new high-performance product newly launched which embedded fanless IPC product line and perfectly matches high-end AGV. It adopts a modular design, and the functional modules are optional design, because of the simple or complex requests for each customer's needs. It supports Intel 6th and 7th generation Celeron and Core i3 i5 i7 processors and supports up to16GB DDR4 memory. The rugged industrial PC also supports VGA+HDMI display output and independent dual display. This single model can reach more than 20 specifications in order to quickly create custom solutions. In view of the unstable internal power supply of the AGV, EM-MP200S supports a wide voltage input with a specification of 9-36V, which can basically cover most industrial scenes. The windows industrial PC is compatible with many operating systems, can run a variety of self-developed application software and programs, and install industrial automation configuration software to form a powerful human-machine interface.


Emdoor Info IPC is Used in Medical AGV

Advantage Product Dimension Interface

Rich interface

Multi-function module matching, covering most application scenarios;

The power supply is stable

And a wide voltage module is set inside the fuselage;

A variety of installation imitations

Wide temperature design, suitable for different scenarios.

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