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Emdoor Wins Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Solution

27.07.2022 – Emdoor Info, a world's leading ruggedized mobile computers provider announced that it has won the“Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Solution "award by Phytium for providing innovative rugged solutions.


Phytium is a leading vendor focusing on homegrown core chips in China, hoping to create advanced and safe power engineering construction by deploying ruggedized mobile computers in the power industry. As a well-known one-stop provider of ruggedized mobile computers, Emdoor has become a partner of Phytium with its reliable production strength and quality.


The award-winning solution is jointly created by Emdoor and Phytium, based on the high-performance FT-2000/4 processor platform and the solid Emdoor equipment structure. Its powerful processing performance, speedy operating system, and reliable use help power companies quickly collect and process their data beyond manual entries. Importantly, this solution accelerates the digitization and informatization process of surveying and mapping work and power engineering construction.


This award is proof of Emdoor's ability to develop and promote rugged mobile solutions for customers. In the future, not only in the Electric power industry, Emdoor will continue to promote rugged computer solutions to more industries.



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