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Double 11 festival kicks off with faster delivery services

Chinese consumers have been embarking on a shopping spree since the beginning of November as the annual Double 11 shopping festival kicked off on Monday. More surprisingly, many consumers have received their online purchases shortly after placing orders.

This benefited from the advanced barcode collection technology adopted by the national industrial chain and warehouses, which greatly accelerated transportation efficiency.


Barcode information interaction refers to the exchange of information between the barcode and terminal device that recognizes the barcode.

As a fast, accurate, and reliable means of collecting data, barcode technology has long been common in the e-commerce and express delivery industry. Especially in express companies, each package has its own identification barcode, and handheld terminals used to identify barcode information are also everywhere.


Facing the huge order volume of the Double 11 Shopping Festival, logistics companies have to invest in more venues, vehicles, personnel, and equipment to form a complete logistics system to maximize the smoothness of the delivery process.

The rugged handhelds, as one of the lowest-cost and high-efficiency data collection equipment, is undoubtedly the best choice for logistic companies. They can help logistic companies reduce the error rate of parcel delivery and ensure the timeliness of delivery. Because of its strong mobile portability, it can be flexibly applied to multiple links. Coupled with the efficient barcode recognition function, it can effectively assist in reading and verification of package information.


As a ruggedized mobile computer provider, Emdoor Information has a number of rugged handhelds that help logistic companies to meet the shopping boom.


They integrate a professional scanning engine and can quickly read 1D/2D barcodes at close range. Some models are also equipped with an RFID module, which can read electronic tags in batches from a long distance to meet the needs of logistic companies for high-performance scanning functions.


Computationally efficient

Emdoor's handhelds cover the three major processor platforms of Qualcomm, MediaTek and Intel, and can be equipped with two operating systems, Android and Windows. Not only are they outstanding in performance, they are also extremely compatible. In addition, them also have a variety of positioning systems, high-resolution cameras, and a stable wireless network connection. All of them can help courier to complete on-site operations efficiently.


Portable and Solid

Emdoor Information’handhelds range from 4 inches to 6 inches in different shapes. The only constant is that they are all equally sturdy. With an IP65/67 rating and the latest MIL-STD-810G certification, they can withstand a drop of 1.22 meters in height.


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