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Why Does the Intelligent Workshop Need the Sturdy Tablet to Complete the SMT Technology?

SMT, as a popular technology and technology in the electronic assembly industry, can be seen everywhere in the major factories. SMT refers to the surface mount technology, by which the electronic components are punched onto the PCB board by the device, and then the components are fixed to the PCB board by heating in the furnace. One of the electronic components needs to use hundreds of materials, and the operation is also very complex, so just one material error means that it should start over. Traditional manual operation leads to high error rate in the work, resulting in serious cost losses.


Under the background of industry 4.0 era, intelligent workshop production has become a common phenomenon. Among them, the application of sturdy tablet can solve this problem well. By scanning the two-dimensional code of the material, the material can be identified and the material can be confirmed. The use of Emdoor sturdy tablet has the following advantages:

1. The product itself is light and convenient, comfortable and relaxed. Its design is in line with the palm, and the fuselage is made of special technology, so it is easy to cope with the complex environment of the workshop.

2. High protection level. The protection level of Emdoor rugged tablet has reached ip65/67, which is truly waterproof, anti-fall, and anti-dust. Not only that, large-scale HD reinforcement screen is equipped so that the field of view is wider. The protection measures of screen are strong. Even if it falls to the ground because of careless manipulation, it will remain intact.

3. Built-in super capacity polymer ion battery, super working time plus battery life, full energy can support its work for a long time, avoid frequent charging. Once there is a shortage of power situation, Emdoor rugged tablet windows support fast charging, high-power charging head can quickly improve the charging efficiency, so the charging can be finished in a short time, so do not delay the work. In addition, it also supports the removable battery, and even if the battery is removed, it can still work in a short time without affecting the progress of work, especially suitable for all kinds of workshop staff.

4. Powerful barcode recognition engine function, new scanning experience. Integrated ultra-small size, built-in hardware decoding function, so it can quickly read the one-dimensional, and two-dimensional code of paper, screen, film, and other types. White light illumination, red light focus, imaging, scanning and reading performance is strong and accurate, and they can adapt to a variety of harsh environment and different light sources with the scan code reading function.

5. High-performance chip, faster and lower power consumption. Equipped with advanced processors, the combination of strong performance and low power consumption enables it to maintain superior performance and smooth system experience in high-load operation. In addition, Emdoor industrial windows tablet also supports large-capacity high-speed storage. When it is used for multi-task operation, it still runs smoothly, with no freeze and crashes, and an all-around guarantee.

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