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What Are the Amazing Features of the Industrial Tabs?

Many people think that the industrial TABS is mainly waterproof, dust-proof and anti-fall. In fact, these are just basic characteristics. More importantly, it has a particularly strong adaptability in the application field. It has many functions and can be flexibly customized according to the scenario. Next, let's take a look at the functions of the industrial TABS.


1. The rugged sturdy tablet can achieve two-dimensional code and bar code identification. A one-dimensional or two-dimensional scanning head module is installed inside the device, so that the data can be collected quickly. In terms of the retail industry, the express industry, and the warehouse management, the common feature of these industries is the rapid entry of a large number of information, so as to achieve unified management, some of which scan the two-dimensional bar code, some one-dimensional bar code.

2. The industrial TABS have ultrahigh frequency recognition, and some windows rugged tablet will add recognition modules, so as to realize remote recognition without contact. For example, RFID technology is used in the ETC of highways, the warehousing management of retail industry, and the inventory of goods in shopping malls and supermarkets.


3. The rugged sturdy tablets also boast NFC reading and writing function. With the NFC function, it becomes a punch machine, or a NFC reader and so on.

4. The rugged sturdy tablet has the function of ID identification. When traveling in some places, such as the airport or the high-speed railway station, it is sometimes necessary to verify the identity information of passengers in the security check. At this time, ID identification technology will come in handy. The rugged sturdy tablet can be customized with special modules, connected to a specific system of data, so that it can be widely used in some areas where ID information must be read. It is worth noting that some well-known manufacturers, such as Emdoor Info, support customized modules, systems and data of their reinforced products, which can maximize data security and privacy and comply with local privacy protection policies and laws.

5. The industrial TABS has a bright screen, which is visible under outdoor strong bright light.

To sum up, there are many functions of the rugged sturdy tablet. If you need more knowledge about rugged tablet windows 10rugged tablet windows 11. Please visit our official website for consultation.

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