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Why And How To Choose The Rugged Notebook?

Emdoor rugged notebook EM-X14U

Rugged notebook computers have extremely strong protective performance, and it can be said that they are professionally designed for harsh operations. Automobile maintenance, engineering management, public safety, industrial manufacturing, etc. are areas where it is often used. Because the rugged notebook has a high level of protection and has passed the drop test, it can ensure that the computer is safe in the event of an accidental collision.

Rugged Tablet China

Why should we choose Emdoor rugged notebook?

Highlight 1: Ultra-low temperature resistance of Emdoor rugged notebook

Many people know that computers are difficult to start in a low-temperature environment, but rugged laptops of Emdoor Information rugged computer manufacturer can maintain normal startup in any environment, and No. 4 is not afraid of severe cold.

Highlight 2: A faster processor of Emdoor rugged PC laptop

The rugged notebook is equipped with a new processor in the industry, and it has the ability to execute while pursuing resistance. For example, in the case of precision map surveying, the rugged tablet PC can achieve real-time image processing and the processing power required for high-demand operations such as license plate recognition.

Highlight 3: The lower failure rate of Emdoor rugged PC laptop

In addition to the standard large-capacity hard disk, the advanced rugged notebook computer can also be equipped with a solid-state hard disk, which can not only greatly increase the startup speed, access application programs and the speed of reading and writing. Because the SSD in the hard disk has no moving parts, it is not easy to produce the common scratches in the traditional hard disk, which can effectively reduce the failure rate.

How do we choose the rugged notebooks?

The application range of rugged notebooks is getting wider and wider. It is much stronger than consumer notebooks in terms of performance, it can be shockproof, waterproof, and drop-proof. But in the face of the rugged notebooks of different brands, how do we choose?

1. Don't rely on the brand theory

Although the first-line big brands are very good, the prices are often surprisingly expensive. Where can I find products that are not expensive and can guarantee the quality? The main thing is to go to the production line for inspection. Generally speaking, it has a complete set of testing standards and certification systems, advanced production lines and well-designed structures, which can effectively guarantee the quality of notebook computers.

2. How to check the performance of a rugged notebook

Compared with consumer notebooks, rugged notebooks are slower to update, but they have not affected the pace of manufacturers pursuing advanced technology. As far as the editor knows, the current first-line rugged notebook computers have used the very advanced i7-8550U processor.

3. Pay attention to the screen resolution and brightness of a ruggedized notebook

In addition to the screen size and resolution, in order to cope with the challenges of the outdoor work environment, it is necessary to choose a high-brightness screen as much as possible.

In addition, you should also consider the scalability of your computer when you buy it. There must be a variety of commonly used interfaces. After that, you must fully understand the market and understand which of the three-proof laptop services is better, so as to ensure that the quality of the purchase is high. Three-proof laptop with guaranteed after-sales service.

Let's know about the rugged notebook X14U

Rugged Laptop Windows 10Rugged Tablet PC Windows 10

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