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Emdoor Information barcode reader scanner helps management chain of food safety

Nowadays, with the outbreak of various food safety problems in China, the food industry has ushered in a crisis of confidence. People no longer pay attention to the taste and price of food, but are concerned about whether the food is safe, whether it contains additives and other harmful substances to the human body. How can people around us eat safely and eat at ease? The state also attaches great importance to food safety and has established a unified food safety information management platform. In this environment, the major food enterprises have also carried out large-scale intelligent layout of food information, so the whole food industry chain began to be gradually transparent. Through data management, a safe and traceable closed-loop management chain is created.


In the whole management chain, the rugged bar code scanning terminal plays a very important role, which can help food enterprises to achieve accurate collection of food information, production management, storage safety management, food warehousing management and transportation management; And it can cooperate with ERP system to complete data statistics, data analysis, data monitoring and other work. In addition, the staff can carry out on-site food inspection, food information query and real-time monitoring through the rugged handheld barcode reader scanner, which makes the enterprise achieve safe and standardized operation and brings people a sense of food trust.

Emdoor Information barcode reader scanner in the food safety management chain can help enterprises to provide accurate information collection services, and quickly upload the information to the management center, to achieve data information traceability. Among them, in the frozen food management chain, low temperature is needed to ensure the freshness of many ingredients, so the hardware equipment has high requirements, and the Emdoor Information data collector can well adapt to a variety of complex environment.


Emdoor Information 5 inch fully reinforced barcode reader scanner EM-Q51 android handheld scanner

1. Support Android 9.0 operating system, easy to use;

2. Support one-dimensional/two-dimensional scanning function, fast and accurate scanning of various complex bar codes;

3. 4+64GB of large memory, providing powerful data processing capacity;

4. Support 2G/3G/4G full network transmission, provide high-speed and stable network, reduce the number of disconnections;

5. Built-in 4000 MA capacity ion battery, to meet the all-weather work requirements;

6. Support NFC scanning function to unlock more application scenarios;

7. IP65 high-level protection and 810G protection certification, fully realize waterproof, dust-proof and anti-fall performance;

8. -10℃ to 55℃ working temperature, support the normal operation in a wide temperature environment.

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