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Electricity Inspection Management

Electricity Inspection Management


With the informatization of society, the attention to informatization management is increasing. Especially the national power system, its stability is closely related to the development of the country and society. Power inspection is basic work to effectively ensure the safety of power transmission and distribution lines and the stability of the power system. It is necessary for inspectors to conduct a regular or an irregular inspection, and to check their operating conditions and operating parameters. The traditional inspection method is a meticulous and complicated process. There are problems such as unacceptable supervision, irregular inspections, and low informationization of inspection data. How to use modern technology to realize intelligent management of electric inspections is imminent.


1. The manual inspection is affected by human factors, such as inconsistent specifications, inaccurate data, and unclear handwriting;

2. The collected inspection information cannot be reported quickly, and hidden dangers and failures cannot be handled in time;

3. Failure to effectively supervise inspector, resulting in incomplete inspections or even missed inspections.


In response to the above problems, Emdoor Info recommends the EM-I86H, a rugged tablet with barcode scanner. During the power inspection, inspectors use this terminal to view the tasks, inspect relevant areas, collect equipment information, and upload it as soon as possible. The administrator can remotely check the safety operation status and the surrounding facilities, and make some decisions. Emdoor provides the best rugged laptop, contact us for more information!

Electricity Inspection Management EM-I86

Electricity Inspection Management


Electronic work

Electronic work replaces manual transcription and improves efficiency;

Using RFID tag technology

The equipment information is automatically read and quickly returned to the management center. The center can get the abnormal status at the first time, give a response plan in time and send someone to repair;

GPS positioning

Monitoring the real-time position of inspectors anytime, anywhere;

Record inspection

Record the start and end time of the inspection and the inspection time of each piece of equipment to ensure that the inspectors complete the tasks within the time;

Equipment operation curve

Generate equipment operating curves based on statistics of previous inspection records, and support multiple query methods by time period and equipment.

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