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Application Advantages and Environmental Requirements of Industrial Tablet PCs in the Manufacturing Industry

Industrial tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular in the manufacturing industry. Taking a more pragmatic approach than consumer-centric companies, Emdoor chooses to deploy industrial tablet PCs in manufacturing environments because of their reliability and durability. So what are the advantages of using industrial tablet PCs in the manufacturing industry? What are the requirements for its manufacturing environment?

1. The application advantages of industrial tablet PCs in the manufacturing industry

Thanks to rugged and durable design, advanced hardware additional features, such as the hot-swappable battery, integrated RFID, barcode or card reader, full compatibility with productivity applications, serial port, advanced security, authentication and connection options, and many other functions, industrial tablet PCs have been a favoured device in the manufacturing workshops.

The rewards for deploying industrial tablet PC in the manufacturing industry are generous. By efficiently capturing, processing, and using data in the workplace, companies can simplify work processes, improve employee efficiency, and ensure accurate and timely data sharing.

Industrial tablet PCs eliminate cumbersome and inefficient paper paths and increase the productivity of mobile workers in the manufacturing industry to a new level.

2. Requirements on manufacturing environment for industrial tablet PCs

The manufacturing environment is demanding, so industrial tablet PCs must be rugged, durable, and reliable to withstand shock, vibration, dirty and dusty environments, liquid spills, and other conditions that are harmful to electronic devices.

Bumps, drops and impacts, extreme ambient temperatures: industrial tablet PCs used in manufacturing must operate flawlessly under these conditions. The IP rating and extensive testing and certification of industrial tablet PCs provide the necessary reliability and durability.

Due to the compatibility requirements of the manufacturing industry, industrial tablet PCs are mainly based on Windows or Linux. Windows provides full compatibility with most operating systems. It is easy to use and provides familiar user interface and enterprise productivity software so as to make industrial tablet PCs easy for end users to use, and easy for IT personnel to deploy and maintain.

The Windows operating system enables pre-existing desktop or HMI and fixed terminal applications to be migrated to mobile devices with minimal adjustments and redevelopment. The ability to maintain maximum compatibility with manufacturing back-end systems is essential for timely and secure data synchronization and staff productivity.

With the development of the industrial tablet PC industry, based on the needs of the operating system, whether it is a commercial tablet PC or an industrial tablet PC, the operating system occupies the market with the largest use base. Consequently, when various industries are carrying out research and development of products, the system is the first choice for the system loaded in products. Among them, due to the huge user group accumulated by the system, this has also laid a solid foundation for the development of industrial tablet PCs. The advantages of using industrial tablet PCs with different systems in the manufacturing industry are obvious.

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