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What a Glory! Emdoor Information Was Awarded the Title of

With the theme of "Coordinating New Development, Leading New Demonstration", the fourth “High-quality Development Summit Forum”, “2023 High-quality Development Leading Enterprises”, and “Leading Figures” award ceremonies were held on November 28 in China. Emdoor Information won the title of "2023 High-quality Development Leader", reflecting the solid foundation and broad development prospects of Emdoor Information.

The "2023 High-quality Development Leading Enterprises" list was selected and released by the Shenzhen High-quality Development Promotion Association, based on aiming at high-end, high-quality, and high-tech, to create a high-quality development in Shenzhen. After visits, analysis, and comprehensive examination by experts, only 20 outstanding enterprises were awarded.

The president of Shenzhen Enterprises High-quality Association and relevant leaders of Shenzhen said in a speech at the event that high-quality development is the cornerstone of sustainable development of enterprises and the primary task of the next round of economic and social development. The enterprises awarded this time are industry benchmarks, with development potential, market competitiveness, brand influence, and important support and model for leading the high-quality development of Shenzhen. It is hoped that they can lead the industry to play a pioneering role in high-quality development and construction, drive the industrial cluster to achieve the overall jump, and promote the high-quality development of social economy in the future. This event also specially set up two theme forums, inviting digital industry and academic professionals, live dialogue and mutual integration, and jointly decode the way of high-quality development in the new era.

The high-quality development history of Emdoor Information

[Step by step]

Established in 2008, Emdoor Information is a one-stop rugged computing solution provider, as well as a high-tech enterprise in China, a national "Little Giant" enterprise, and A listed enterprise on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, specializing in providing global customers with competitive rugged mobile computers and related software, technology, and solutions.

As one of the earliest enterprises to enter the field of rugged computer products in China, Emdoor Information has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than ten years, with quite a high market competitiveness and visibility, and its products have covered many fields such as rugged tablet PC, rugged notebook, rugged handheld, industrial panel PC, and in-vehicle PC.

Behind this, Emdoor Information adheres to innovation as the core driving force for the high-quality development of enterprises. On the one hand, Emdoor Information has several product line R & D centers, and the R & D personnel accounted for more than 40%, with nearly 300 patents, to maintain the development of innovation vitality; On the other hand, Emdoor Information also has a production base of nearly 5000 square meters and a laboratory of nearly 1000 square meters, to ensure the competitive advantages in terms of production capacity, quality and service, and to protect the high-quality, lean and sustainable development of enterprises from many aspects.

On this basis, Emdoor Information is also working towards product, market, brand, enterprise operation, and organizational development, to create a higher quality of development, lead the high-quality development of China's rugged mobile computer industry, and enhance its competitiveness and status in the international market.

In the future, Emdoor will continue to give full play to the advantages of high-quality development enterprises, deepen the exploration of the latest technology and the improvement of the quality level and service system, accelerate the empowerment of various businesses in the whole industry chain, and strive to become the world's leading rugged mobile computer brand, and continue to explore new opportunities in Industry 4.0, digitalization, localization, IoT, and other fields in the process. Emdoor contributes to the promotion of high-quality social and economic development.

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