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The Terminal Technology Joint Laboratory Is Officially Unveil by Emdoor Information and the National Virtual Reality Innovation Center

In the current wave of digitization, 3D digital virtual terminal technology serves as a crucial link connecting end-users and service providers, directly influencing aspects such as user experience, information security, and remote collaboration. It plays an increasingly vital role across various industries. To drive the research and implementation of key common technologies in terminal product technology and XR research, Emdoor Information, representing the cutting edge of the industry, has joined forces with the National Virtual Reality Innovation Center to establish the XR Terminal Technology Joint Laboratory. This collaboration marks the announcement of a rapid convergence development between the industry and the technology sector, aiming to propel advancements in terminal product technology and XR research.

Opening Ceremony: A Pact of Innovation and Future


The grand opening ceremony of the Terminal Technology Joint Laboratory took place at the conference hall of Emdoor Building on 21 January, marking the official launch of Emdoor Information's national-level Terminal Technology Joint Laboratory. The ceremony witnessed a historic moment of close collaboration between Emdoor Information and the National Virtual Reality Innovation Center (referred to as the National Innovation Center), with the latter being the only nationally approved innovation center in the field of virtual reality in China. This event signifies the formal establishment of a strategic alliance between the two major enterprises in the terminal and virtual reality domains. Chairman Zhang Zhiyu of Emdoor Information, General Manager Shi Qing of Emdoor VR, and Dr. Huo Yingdong, Chief Scientist of the National Innovation Center, were present at the ceremony. Mr. Shi Qing and Dr. Huo Yingdong conducted the opening ceremony, with Mr. Shi Qing delivering a speech introducing the National Innovation Center, expressing the vision and goals of the collaboration, envisioning the boundless possibilities of future XR terminal technology, and injecting new development momentum into the industry by implementing cutting-edge technology into a broader range of products."

Collaborative Strength: A path to Success in the Industry


Emdoor Information, a high-tech enterprise, is dedicated to technological research and innovation in the fields of mobile terminals and industry-specific applications. With over 40% of its workforce devoted to research and development, the company has emerged as a leading player in the industry. Over the past decade, its focus on terminal solutions has resulted in competitive, secure, and reliable products, services, and solutions for users in industries such as offices, education, warehousing and logistics, transportation, public utilities, XR, and more. In a significant milestone, Emdoor Information successfully went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2023 (Stock Code: 001314).


The National Virtual Reality Innovation Center, affiliated with Nanchang Virtual Reality Research Institute Co., Ltd., was established in 2016 and is renowned for its technological expertise and innovation in the virtual reality field. Currently deploying 12 labs, 5 pilot platforms, and 2 test platforms in key areas such as optical displays, human-computer interaction, graphics processing, ergonomics, terminal technology, and communication technology, the center has initiated 9 critical R&D projects, including VR/AR zoom display technology research, demonstrating its commitment to advancing key common technologies in the virtual reality domain.

The establishment of the "Terminal Technology Joint Laboratory" under the National Innovation Center signals a rapid integration of research and industrial capabilities in the XR domain, accelerating the alignment with the terminal market. This landmark event signifies the forthcoming establishment and update of high-quality national standards in the XR field, as well as the development and sharing of research and experimental resources. It is poised to nurture numerous possibilities for innovation in XR and promises significant potential for commercial returns.


Both collaborating entities boast strong backgrounds in XR technology and extensive experience in XR product development within their respective domains. The inception of this XR Terminal Technology Joint Laboratory is anticipated to significantly drive the development and implementation of cutting-edge XR technology in Shenzhen, the hub of intelligent terminals. Conversely, it will facilitate the effective validation and optimization of XR research directions, benefiting not only the XR industry but also contributing to the advancement of the nation and the well-being of its people.

National Virtual Reality Innovation Center

A New Era of Technological Advancements


A 2100-square-meter laboratory space on the 5th floor of Emdoor Building, equipped with over 220 sets of experimental testing equipment, has ushered in a new era of technological advancements. The Joint Laboratory is designed to assist Emdoor and its subsidiaries in completing various experimental testing tasks.


This state-of-the-art facility provides comprehensive support for the innovation of terminal technology from a research and development perspective. On the supply chain front, standardized sampling inspections are conducted on materials and ordered products before delivery, ensuring that the products reaching the hands of customers are of high quality and reliably safe.

National Virtual Reality Innovation Center

National Virtual Reality Innovation Center

National Virtual Reality Innovation Center

National Virtual Reality Innovation Center

The Joint Laboratory houses a diverse range of specialized laboratories, including the Environmental Reliability Lab, OTA Darkroom, Optical Darkroom, ESD Testing Lab, XR R&D Lab, Quiet Reverberation Room, CE Testing Lab, RF Shielded Room, Comprehensive Lab, Near-Eye Display Lab, Optical Lab, Display Module Test Lab, and Imaging & Display Lab. Covering hardware and software, theory and practice, this facility is poised to establish a comprehensive and robust research and experimental platform.

From physical terminals to virtual terminals, from the era of 5G terminals to the era of AI terminals, innovation in terminal technology continues to drive the seamless integration of technology and daily life. Through the collaborative operation and shared resources of this Joint Laboratory, Emdoor will be able to accelerate the research, development, and improvement of products more rapidly and efficiently. This effort aims to provide end users with XR terminal products that are not only more abundant, secure, and advanced but also offer a more convenient and intelligent technological experience for society. It leads the way in the digital era, truly achieving the goal of making cutting-edge technology more accessible to everyone.


As the only nationally approved innovation center in the domestic virtual reality field, Nanchang Virtual Reality Research Institute is set to expedite its integration with the industry and market. This will enable a more efficient transformation of research achievements. As expressed by the director of Nanchang Virtual Reality Research Institute, Mr. Zhou Jianguo, the hope is for both parties to work together for mutual success and pragmatic cooperation.

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