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Why Are Rugged Tablets Suitable for Use in Mines or Outfields

1. Industrial Tablet PC with hot-swappable battery

In daily use, industrial tablet PCs with hot-swappable batteries can make them run around the clock. The tablet has two battery ports and can always work normally: after replacing one battery, the other battery can keep the tablet running.

The industrial tablet PC itself can rest without plugging in. With enough spare batteries, the device can be used for a long time in places such as mines or in the wild, where power sockets are not always so convenient. 

The optional multi-battery charging station can charge six batteries at the same time, so the batteries can be easily replaced in minutes without interrupting the workflow. The battery takes about 1.5 hours to charge in the workstation, and the LED indicator on the battery will let you know when to charge and prepare the battery, even at a distance.

In the service life of the device, due to the industrial-grade components of the industrial panel computer and the IP65/IP67 rating, the rugged panel computer will have a longer service life. The IP65 protection rating means that this rugged tablet can withstand direct water sprays and is completely sealed to prevent dust and particles from entering.

2. Mobility and multifunctional installation of industrial tablet PC

The rugged tablet can be moved, and the built-in rubber handle makes the tablet easy to lift. The handle also helps avoid the embarrassment of having to balance the tablet with one hand while working. The handle is also convenient for scanning barcodes with one hand, and the scanner is located on the side of the tablet, so you can record inventory with only one hand. Add 2.2 pounds (including battery), and you have a truly mobile, fast, and sturdy Windows tablet. You can check more details about industrial tablet windows 10.

Industrial tablet PCs can not only be easily installed on forklifts or near industrial machinery but are also strong enough to withstand dangerous collisions.

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