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What Are the Common Application Areas of Industrial Rugged PCs?

The industrial tablet PC has a wide range of application fields. Of course, in different fields, there are differences in functionality, size, material and so on. What are the common application fields of industrial tablet? Let's take a look.

1. Applications of industrial rugged PC in smart home industry

Industrial tablet computers can be used as home service terminals in high-end residential areas to realize intercom, message, cost inquiry, commodity ordering, household appliance management, etc.

2. Application of industrial rugged PCs in pharmaceutical management industry

Utilization RFID technology to realize drug supply chain information flat the construction of Taiwan can achieve real-time tracking and supervision of drugs in production, distribution and sales.

3. Mobile application of industrial rugged PC in electric power industry

Utilization RFID, mobile Internet and other technologies to realize the mobile intelligent inspection and inspection functions in transmission, substation, distribution and other links, so as to achieve the purpose of lean and closed-loop management.

4. Applications of industrial rugged PCs in petrochemical industry

Utilization RFID technology, which realizes automatic, fast and accurate reading of the inbound and outbound storage of exploration collection stations, greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse management.

5. Applications of industrial rugged PCs in government supervision industry

Pass rid, sensor, visual frequency monitoring, wireless transmission and other technical reality real-time monitoring of the flow flow of fireworks and firecrackers enterprises, warehouse excess warning, warehouse temperature and humidity real-time monitoring and warning, monitoring and alarm and other functions, thus reducing the incidence of safety production accidents.

6. Applications of industrial rugged PCs in logistics industry

A complete set of modern logistics system can almost replace people's work, including scanning code, detection, analysis, processing, automatic packaging, classification and many other links, industrial tablet computers are widely used in it, and there are many successful cases.

7. Applications of industrial rugged PC in environmental protection supervision industry

The application cases of industrial tablet computers in the environmental protection industry are on the rise, mainly due to the national promotion of the construction of automatic real-time monitoring system for pollution sources, this work needs to automatically transmit tens of thousands of signals to the main station and collect a large number of signals, while industrial tablet computers, especially embedded computers industrial tablet PC it can play a very good demonstration effect.

To sum up, industrial tablet computers have a wide range of application fields and have different application effects in all walks of life. If you need to know more about industrial tablet computers, welcome to our official website for consultation.

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