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What Are the Applications of the Ruggedized Tablet?

Three-proof ruggedized tablet is to strengthen its structure on the basis of ordinary tablet computer, through the use of shock-resistant and anti-drop reinforcement technology, according to a reasonable safety factor, the computer's device production, circuit design and final assembly are reinforced. Therefore, the tablet computer has a higher anti-shock and anti-drop ability to ensure that it will not accidentally fall and form a work obstacle when working outdoors. What is the purpose of the three-proof tablet?

1. Three-proof ruggedized tablet for industrial automation control

There are many uses for the three-proof ruggedized tablet, the biggest use of which is the application in industrial automation control.

The three-proof ruggedized tablet can be embedded in machines, cabinets or placed on the console to achieve human-computer interaction. It is the best platform for various industrial control, traffic control, environmental control and other applications in automation.

The three-proof tablet computer can be widely used in various industrial control, automation control, traffic control, vehicle-mounted, monitoring, self-service terminals, electronic terminals, information systems, vision systems, measurement and control, marine systems, environmental protection control, environmental detection, network security, logistics, express management and other application platform management.

2. Three-proof ruggedized tablet for testing vehicles

With the development of three-proof ruggedized tablet computers, three-proof ruggedized tablets are used in many industries. In automobile road test tests, it is necessary to test vehicle conditions under various road conditions, and computers are connected to instruments and sensors. At this time, the influence of stability on the stability of the computer is particularly important.

The three-proof reinforced tablet PC has excellent anti-vibration performance and is widely used in vehicle and airborne environments. Its common seismic maintenance methods and data are effective guarantees for vehicle road test monitoring.

In addition, it conforms to the low-radiation electronic standard and will not cause great interference to the surrounding instruments. Whether the vehicle is stopped for diagnostic testing or maintenance, it is faced with harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, dust, oil pollution, temperature changes, and vibration. Therefore, the requirements for equipment selection are very strict.

To sum up, the ruggedized tablet PC has rich interfaces, including industrial RS232 serial ports, Bluetooth and wireless LAN interfaces. In the field rescue, long-time standby, touch screen, high-brightness and clear display in the field, waterproof and oil-proof are all sufficient guarantees for work efficiency.

At the same time, under harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, dust, oil pollution, temperature change and vibration, the comprehensive diagnosis software can run stably and quickly, so that the work efficiency of automobile maintenance technicians has been significantly improved, which means that every day Additional diagnostic tests and repair orders can be accepted. It also allows customers to enjoy higher quality performance.

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