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A Purchase Guide to the Industrial Tablet PC

The core of today's production equipment is a rugged tablet. Industrial tablet PC is mainly designed to simplify data collection and process adjustment in the workshop environment, so it continues to serve as the main processing resource and the secondary lightweight computing front-end function. Nothing can better serve a highly distributed process control environment than an industrial tablet PC.

Industrial tablet PC has certain different characteristics that make them different. In short, these special characteristics are factors that decision makers must consider when purchasing industrial tablet PC for use in manufacturing facilities, mechanical laboratories, and other extreme operating environments.

1. Shock and vibration resistance of industrial tablet PC

For industrial tablet PC, especially computers deployed in production plants and machine floors, it is completely normal to be exposed to high levels of shock and vibration for a long time. Durable computer is expected to withstand such harsh operating conditions throughout its life cycle. It is very important that the industrial tablet PC you purchase must have the ability to withstand shock and vibration.

This is achieved by adding metal springs to the industrial pc case. Design intervention measures can prevent the internal module from unavoidable damage when violent shaking, accidental impact or falling of moving parts. Emdoor's reinforcement products have adopted reinforcement measures, which can effectively ensure that the products are used in any harsh environment.

2. Industrial-grade electronic products for industrial tablet PC

In order to ensure the reduction of component-level defenses, Emdoor has made more efforts to integrate industrial-grade electronic equipment into its industrial tablet pc. This has greatly improved the reliability of the product. The combination of aluminum electrolytic capacitors with new high-performance charge accumulation technology can provide an additional level of protection, making it a must-have feature for installing computers in modern industrial environments.

3. Entrance protection signs for industrial tablet PC

Adequate protection level, durable computer can prevent dust and dirt from accidentally contacting water and liquid spills. The company's products have two protection levels IP65/67 to choose from.

4. Fanless structure of industrial PC

Traditional fan-based cooling systems are prone to mechanical failures. Instead, a fanless passive cooling system is installed on the industrial tablet PC to ensure that no debris such as dust, dirt, and chemicals are scattered in the workplace. This is especially important for clean rooms and high-precision manufacturing environments. The passive cooling system also ensures the reduction of electrical and audible noise, making the fanless design worth every penny.

5. The operating temperature range of industrial tablet PC

From the ultra-low temperatures around chemical and food storage units to the blazing high temperatures near heavy machinery manufacturing units, durable computers will withstand the test of temperature every day of operation.

When making a purchase decision, the dynamic temperature range in which an industrial tablet operates may be an important design consideration. A high dynamic range is usually ideal and should be guaranteed.

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