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Several Factors That Are Often Considered While Choosing an Industrial Tablet PC

The following are several factors that industrial users often consider when choosing a tablet, let's take a look!

1. The ability of industrial tablet computers to handle any industrial environment

The industrial tablet used in the factory floor will be integrated into the production line and robotic arm, used as a human-machine interface, connected to the forklift cage frame and cart and workstation. In most cases, these devices will be used in dirty, dusty working conditions and extreme temperature areas.

For consumer computers and tablets, this is not a suitable place. Users need to continuously change computers, overhaul, and maintain, which is also a large expense.

But industrial tablet computers are different. Many operations can be used indoors and outdoors because they are designed with this possibility in mind.

In order to withstand these conditions, industrial tablet computers like industrial tablet windows 10 need to be equipped with a higher IP rating, which shows that the device can effectively prevent the intrusion of foreign objects and moisture, whether in the front panel or the entire enclosure.

For extreme temperatures, some of these industrial tablet PCs have fanless heat sink designs. These devices protect their internal components from the ingestion of particulate matter while dissipating heat. They can handle a wide temperature range and can be taken out of the yard or used next to heating devices.

2. Industrial Tablet PCs are designed for various operating systems

As time goes by, the industrial tablet PCs used now will not prescribe future system upgrades. But successful management involves getting the most useful life from your device, and they need the ability to handle various operating systems. Including Windows Embedded, Windows Professional, Windows RT and any other developed systems. It also needs to be prepared for Linux and POS systems, as well as the latest I/O interfaces and ports that can handle higher transmission speeds.

3. The touch screen design of industrial tablet computers

Two factors that are critical to industrial tablet PCs in factories are readability and responsiveness. The lighting on the factory floor ranges from dim to extremely bright.

Consider providing high-resolution, sunlight-readable LCD screens, TFT screens, CCFL backlights, high brightness and wide viewing angle devices. Readability is of utmost importance, because the information must be viewed on the screen quickly, and any misunderstanding can lead to serious consequences.

Industrial applications require industrial tablet computer screens to have a useful life span of 100 million touches. Many industrial operations, especially maintenance, wiring or cleaning, need to protect hands, so the screen can respond to touch with gloves or even wet hands.

4. The mobility of industrial tablet computers

This standard not only means that there is no ability to insert, but also needs to be able to withstand the rough handling of the industrial environment. On the factory floor, this processing includes occasional drops that may stop consumer-grade computers. In some operations, the forklift uses an on-board computer connected to the cage to obtain instructions from the material handling system. A sturdy tablet computer can withstand the bumps in this high-sport environment.

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