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What Are the Advantages of Industrial Tablets That Ordinary Computers Can't Match?

1. The safety of industrial tablet PCs

Industrial tablets simplify security with advanced authentication options such as biometric readers, CAC and smart card readers, and RFID scanners. Advanced authentication enables sophisticated user account management and data access. The industrial tablet PC is combined with data encryption and secure data transmission to provide excellent data security functions.

2. Industrial tablet PCs extend the uptime brought by battery life

For the manufacturing industry, battery life may be one of the deal breakers. Industrial tablets provide almost unlimited battery life through hot-swappable batteries and battery charging stations, as well as long-life batteries. Preventing downtime due to power interruptions is critical to manufacturing and on-site.

3. The benefits of connection, installation and compatibility with traditional equipment for industrial tablet PCs

The integrated traditional ports, docking and installation connectors allow industrial tablets to be installed on forklifts, pick-up carts, walls and vehicles, and connected to traditional equipment. Some industrial tablets come with a wealth of accessories such as handles.

Advanced docking and installation options and carrying handles allow employees to easily move and perform tasks within the facility. Due to the limited space in the production workshop, light industrial tablets can be easily parked on the side of carts, forklift cabs or industrial equipment, greatly improving ease of use, visibility and productivity.

4. Industrial tablet PCs are sturdy and durable

Industrial tablet take longer to design, test, certify, and release. The production cycle is significantly longer than that of an ordinary computer. The latter is released every six months and will soon become obsolete. The replacement cost due to obsolescence and the cost of replacing industrial panel computers damaged by harsh environments are very high.

Compared with ordinary consumer tablets, the three-proof rugged tablet pc has advantages not only in the sturdy industrial tablet housing, entrance and anti-fall device, but also in its excellent industrial-grade components and withstand temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, drop, and liquid shock and dust.

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