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4 Reasons to choose a rugged handheld for warehouse operations

As the wave of e-commerce sweeps the global business environment, this digital movement is driving companies to automate systems to stay competitive. Getting rid of outdated process operations and improving overall efficiency, accuracy, and time management are essential for optimizing business operations. As a result, using handheld mobile computing technology to modernize warehouse operations has become the norm.

As a provider of intelligent automation solutions, Emdoor provides warehouse personnel with a new choice - the EM-T695 rugged handheld. The T695 is a fully rugged computer that combines the productivity benefits of a mobile barcode reader, cell phone, and tablet. With seamless integration with the warehouse inventory management system and automatic data capture, the following four strategies are provided for warehousing intelligence further:


Real-time data collection

The EM-T695 is equipped with a 13MP high-resolution camera and Zebra's powerful data capture engine, allowing warehouse personnel to capture every inventory item in the workplace faster than manual and interact with the background inventory management system the first moment. With the high-speed wireless 5G connection network, viewing the complete inventory information of the enterprise becomes straightforward. Efficient cycle counts and other inventory audits will become fast based on a complete inventory database with high visibility.

Increased accuracy

Finding a specific item in an unoptimized warehouse is time-consuming and cumbersome. The EM-T695 handheld accurate GPS location system saves employees a lot of time and stress, freeing them from traveling back and forth between the office and the warehouse to identify infrequently used items. Reduce wasted time with an up-to-date view of inventory, improve the accuracy of picked goods, and enhance the productivity of the warehouse, all now with the T695.


Streaming operations and reducing costs

Registering damage inventory and passing records through the correct channels takes a lot of time and effort. Rather than putting pressure on managers and employees to document damage and assess liability, using the EM-T695 handheld saves even more steps and capital costs. The T695 handheld can allow warehouse personnel to take pictures of damaged goods, upload them to the management system, and send information about the damage to the responsible party via email, avoiding losses caused by holding damaged inventory for a long time.

For harsh environments

EM-T695 is designed to withstand the inevitable drops and knocks that are commonplace within warehouse environments. Its MIL-STD-810G and IP65-certified durability mean it won't cost businesses too much extra maintenance.


Achieving new efficiencies for your warehouse is where the EM-T695 handheld computer comes in. With a modern interface, wireless data collection capabilities, and durable body design, it's easy to simplify material management and increase profitability.

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